The Queenslander

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The Queenslander
Front page of The Queenslander
15 February 1879 by the Queensland artist Joseph Augustine Clarke (1844-1890)
Type weekly newspaper
Founder(s) Brisbane Newspaper Company
Founded 1866
Ceased publication 1939
ISSN 1836-8190

The Queenslander was the weekly summary and literary edition of the 'Brisbane Courier' (now The Courier-Mail), since the 1850s the leading journal in the colony and later federal state of Queensland. The Queenslander was launched by the Brisbane Newspaper Company in 1866 and it was discontinued in 1939.

In a country the size of Australia a daily newspaper of some prominence could only reach the bush and outlying districts if it also published a weekly edition. Yet the Queenslander, under the managing editorship of Gresley Lukin (managing editor from Nov 1873 to 21 December 1880), also came to find additional use as a literary magazine.

The Queenslander, August 16, 1934

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