The Ransom

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The Ransom EP
EP by Cartel
Released November 16, 2004
Recorded January 23-25 2004
Glow In The Dark Studios Atlanta, Georgia
Genre Pop punk
Length 25:12
Label The Militia Group
Producer Matt Goldman, Cartel
Cartel chronology
The Ransom EP

The Ransom EP is Cartel's first EP and first release. The recording was originally released independently, but was soon picked up by the record label, The Militia Group. They re-released the EP with two extra tracks, "The City Never Sleeps" and "Fiend".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Luckie St."   3:43
2. "Write This Down"   2:31
3. "Hey, Don't Stop"   3:45
4. "The City Never Sleeps"   3:40
5. "Last Chance"   4:17
6. "The Ransom"   3:28
7. "Fiend" (Alternate Version) 3:24


  • Will Pugh - vocals
  • Kevin Sanders - drums
  • Joseph Pepper - Guitar
  • Andrew Lee - Guitar
  • Ryan Roberts - Bass Guitar
  • John Addington - Gang Vocals on Luckie St.
  • Luke Bareis - Gang Vocals on Luckie St.
  • Gang Vocals on Luckie St. also performed by Cartel