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For Pakistani comedy show, see The Real News (Pakistan). For the TheBlaze news program, see Real News.
The Real News
The Real News Network YouTube.png
Launched 2007
Owned by Paul Jay (CEO and Senior Editor)
Slogan "The future depends on knowing"
Country USA and Canada (main, also studios in other countries)
Broadcast area Global (World Wide Web)
Headquarters Baltimore, MD and Toronto, Canada

The Real News is a member-supported, global online video news network. Launched in 2007 by Paul Jay, the CEO, host and senior editor, The Real News Network describes itself as "focused on providing independent and uncompromising journalism", on "the critical issues of our times".[1]

The Real News Network uses internet broadcasting, but it has contracts with satellite and cable television channels which it intends to use for broadcast once it reaches its sustainability goal.[2] The Real News has offices in Baltimore and Toronto.[3]

Stated goals[edit]

The stated goal of The Real News is to provide independent, uncompromising, verifiable worldwide coverage of the critical issues of our times. It is recognized that bias may affect elements of some chosen stories,[4] so The Real News provides forums where its work can be debated and criticized, in order to be aware of such biases.[5]

The Real News relies exclusively on donations by supporters, and does not accept funding from advertising, government, or corporations.[1]


The Real News features experienced professional journalists from all over the world.[6] It expects to host reports from volunteer-based citizen journalism in a dedicated portion of the network's website.

Analysts and Journalists:

  • CEO and Senior Editor: Paul Jay
  • Journalist and Executive Producer: Sharmini Peries
  • Newsroom: Lia Tarachansky - Israel and Palestine correspondent, Jessica Desvarieux – Host, Producer, and D.C. Correspondent, Jaisal Noor – Host, Producer, and Reporter, Anton Woronczuk – Producer, Host, and Copy Editor, Kayla Rivara – Producer, Dharna Noor - Producer, Denise Rivera - Technical Producer, Lynn Fries – Geneva Correspondent on Economics and Human Rights


The Real News interviews economists, politicians and policy experts about breaking news. Regular features are "Reality Asserts Itself," multi-segment interviews on critical issues,and "The Global African" with host Bill Fletcher,Jr.[7] There are regular reports from Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell and Michael Ratner, attorney to Julian Assange. One notable feature was an eight-part interview series of Sheldon Wolin by Chris Hedges.

Notable guests[edit]

Noam Chomsky, Danny Glover, Eddie Conway, Marcy Wheeler, Chris Hedges, Richard D. Wolff, Deepa Kumar, Dennis Kucinich, Norman Lear, Ralph Nader, Ray McGovern, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Howard Zinn and Yves Engler are among the notable guests that have appeared on The Real News.


The Real News Network works with the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at University of Massachusetts Amherst, producing regular interviews and debates. These are aimed to "bring current economic issues into focus", by surveying "the full range of potential solutions to the current economic crisis, the economics of climate change, and PERI's long-term mission of bringing economic tools to bear to improve the daily lives of workers and families around the world".[8]

The Real News Network has partnered with Earthbeat Radio to produce video content to accompany Earthbeat's radio broadcast.[9] Earthbeat host Daphne Wysham conducts interviews and produces content about environmental issues.

In 2011 The Real News Network partnered with Free Speech Radio News. In this agreement, FSRN hosts TRNN’s daily content and vice versa.[10]

TRNN has an agreement with the McClatchy Newspapers Washington Bureau that delivers The Real News stories to millions of viewers who visit McClatchy papers' websites. We also have a contract with TiVo that puts The Real News channel in one million households across the USA. Other content partnerships (including dedicated apps for cell phones) will push our video news service to millions of people.[11]

Future plans[edit]

"Going Local to Go Global," breaking the monopoly on local television news.The pilot project for 2015 is "Baltimore, a microcosm of urban America".[12]

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