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The Reflections was the name of a number of musical groups.

Perhaps the best known were a blue-eyed soul/doo-wop group from Detroit, Michigan. They had one hit single in 1964 called "(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet", written by Bob Hamilton. The song was produced by Rob Reeco on Golden World Records. The disc reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #9 on the Cash Box magazine chart. The record was even more popular in rhythm and blues locations, reaching #3 on that Cashbox chart. "(Just Like)Romeo and Juliet" and "Adam and Eve" were and remain highly popular on the Northern Soul Scene.[1] After a few more records that were moderate successes on the national charts, Ray Steinberg left the group for other interests. As a foursome, The Reflections continued recording and making TV appearances. In 1965, they made their one-and-only movie appearance in Winter-A-Go-Go, performing "I'm Sweet On You".

They were signed to the same Detroit R&B label, Golden World Records, as their blue-eyed soul peers, The Flaming Ember and The Shades Of Blue.

Today, The Reflections are one of many popular groups touring various oldies venues throughout their home state of Michigan and all over the States. Original members Tony Micale and John Dean are now augmented by three other members from various regional doo-wop groups: first tenor Joey Finazzo, baritone Gary Benovetz, and first tenor Sal Prado.

Original group members[edit]

  • Tony Micale — lead vocals, born August 23, 1942 in Bronx, New York
  • Phil Castrodale — first tenor, born April 2 in Detroit, Michigan
  • Dan Bennie — second tenor, born Daniel Hunter Bennie, March 13, 1940 in Johnstone, Scotland. Died April 7, 2008
  • Ray Steinberg — baritone, born October 29, 1942 in Washington, Pennsylvania
  • John Dean — bass, born November 9, 1941 in Detroit
  • Frank Amodeo — lead vocals,replaced Tony Micale in 1966. Born December 16, 1938 in Brooklyn, New York. Died in 2009

Discography with Billboard (BB) & Cashbox (CB) chart positions[edit]


  • "Helpless"/"You Said Goodbye" — Kay-Ko 1003 — 1963
  • "(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet" (BB #6, CB #9)/"Can't You Tell By The Look In My Eyes" — Golden World 8/9 — 3/64
  • "Like Columbus Did" (BB #96, CB #83)/"Lonely Girl" — Golden World 12 — 6/64
  • "Talkin' About my Girl"/"Oowee Now Now" — Golden World 15 — 8/64
  • "(I'm Just) A Henpecked Guy" (BB #123)/"Don't Do That to Me" — Golden World 16 — 9/64
  • "Shabby Little Hut" (BB #121, CB #80)/"You're my Baby (And Don't You Forget It)" — Golden World 19 — 11/64
  • "Poor Man's Son" (BB #55, CB #55)/"Comin' at You" — Golden World 20 — 2/65
  • "Deborah Ann"/"Wheelin' & Dealin'" — Golden World 22 — 6/65
  • "Out of the Picture"/"June Bride" — Golden World 24 — 7/65
  • "Girl in the Candy Store"/"Your Kind of Love" — Golden World 29 — 9/65
  • "Like Adam & Eve"/"Vito's House" — ABC-Paramount 10794 — 1966 [Lead vocals sung by Frank Amodeo]
  • "You're Gonna Find Out (You Need Me)"/"The Long Cigarette" — ABC-Paramount 10822 — 1966 [Lead vocals sung by Frank Amodeo]


  • (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet — Golden World GW LPM-300
"(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet"/"Talkin' About My Girl"/"Can't You Tell By the Look in my Eyes"/"Deborah Ann"/"On Broadway"/"Don't Do That to Me"/"Like Columbus Did"/"June Bride"/"Gonna Turn the Place Out"/"Lonely Girl"/"Oowee Now Now"/"Couldn't Make It Like That"

Other groups with the same name[edit]

A different doo-wop group called the Reflections (from New York) recorded the 45s "I Really Must Know"/"Maybe Tomorrow" (Crossroads 401, 1961) and "Rocket to the Moon"/"Because of You" (Crossroads 402, 1962).[2] This group still performs today with four original members.[3]

A third Reflections vocal group from Indianapolis had a regional hit with "In the Still of the Night"/"Tic Toc" (Tigre 602, 1963) before becoming the band, "Stark Naked & The Car Thieves" in 1966.,[4][5]

There was yet another group called The Reflections, a black four-piece from Harlem, New York formed in 1971, composed of Herman Edwards, Josh Pridgen, Edmund "Butch" Simmons and John Simmons. (John Simmons died on 16 March 1989, aged 45).

Discovered by Melba Moore, they became her backing band in 1972. They released four singles, all on Capitol:

"Three Steps from True Love" (BB 94, R&B 9)/"How Could We Let the Love Get Away" — 4078 — 6/75

"Love on Delivery (L.O.D.)" (R&B 58)/"One into One" — 4137 — 10/75

"Day after Day (Night after Night)" (R&B 37)/"Are You Ready (Here I Am)" — 4222 — 2/76

"Gift Wrap my Love" (R&B 66)/"She's my Summer Breeze" — 4358 — 12/76

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