The Republican Noise Machine

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The Republican Noise Machine
Author David Brock
Subject Media bias
Publisher Crown Publishers
Publication date
May 18, 2004
Pages 432
ISBN 1-4000-4875-3
320.5209 B

The Republican Noise Machine: Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy is a 2004 book written by David Brock which chronicles the author's opinion of how the American right wing was able to build their media infrastructure. The book was the prelude to Brock's launching of his organization Media Matters for America.


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David Brock authored The Real Anita Hill in 1993, and became well liked by other Republicans. He then had a hand in many other political books, including examinations of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He himself has disavowed attacks he calls 'smears'. His book Blinded By The Right: The Conscience Of An Ex-Conservative was a 2002 best-seller.


Brock details the conservative media strategy subsequent to the time of Barry Goldwater, predicated on corporate funding of think tanks, such as the Heritage Foundation. Brock believes such think tanks serve not only as propagandists, but as tutors for industry lobbyists, and a training ground for conservative journalists who are not limited by the standards of objectivity and impartiality emphasized in the conventional news media.

Conservative and Republican strategists "concoct smears, distortions, and outright lies", and then disseminate the product as 'talking points' to right-wing radio and Fox News, which Brock says set a narrative echoed by more mainstream news sources.


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