The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
The Resurrection post.jpg
Produced by TBA
David Wood (executive)
Country United States
Language English
Budget $135 million

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (often referred to as The Resurrection) is an upcoming film that is being marketed as an unofficial sequel to The Passion of the Christ. It will continue with the events following The Passion and cover the story of Jesus as described in the Bible, including him coming out of the tomb and the forty days that lead up to his ascension into Heaven. The production team is almost entirely assembled and the estimated release date is Easter 2015.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is using donation-based crowdfunding to raise part of its total project budget of $135 million, which will also include the costs of filming certain parts of the film in 3D. The plan is for the movie to be filmed on location in Israel, Morocco and Los Angeles. The film's official tagline is, "The Greatest Love Story Ever Told".


The Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson, depicted the final 12 hours of the life of Jesus, but only briefly mentions the resurrection of Jesus as described in the Bible. Film producer David Wood believes he received a vision from God to portray the rest of the life of Jesus on film, calling it "God's sequel".[1] Wood said, "The real power of Christianity is the risen Jesus. Even though we all know that Christ went to the cross for our sins, it's really the power of him resurrecting... this second story is about this. It's a story about love and hope."[2] Filming is projected to take place in Israel and surrounding areas.


Early planning[edit]

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ has chosen a production approach unlike traditional film productions, which typically involve pre-production, production, postproduction and advertising/marketing and finally a release, in that order. This film is making advertising and marketing a main part of the preproduction phase. The goal behind this plan is to cause discussion, anticipation and active participation from people who chose to become "Spiritual Producers". This allows Christians to be involved and engaged in the casting process, aspects of script writing, the funding, and the marketing process.[2] Thus, the project becomes a movement instead of just a movie. This project plans to raise $25 million of its $135 million budget through donation-based crowd funding. The film's total budget set at $135 million, which includes $82.5 million for production, $29.7 million for marketing, $15.7 million for ministry purposes, and $7 million to develop a companion video game.

One of the leaders of the project is David Wood, Executive Producer and Owner of Dread Warrior Productions, a media and funding company. He's been involved in numerous productions, castings, and promotions with companies including K.E.Y.S. Conference, PPFF, Line in the Sand, NBC, MTV, HBO, CBS, Fox TV, and Universal Studios, as well as many family and faith-based productions in recent years.

Production partnerships[edit]

Tim Price, CEO of the Center for Prayer Mobilization, has become the project's official "Pastor". As the movie and project gain momentum, Price will handle the global prayer requests from those involved around the world.[3] Michelle Seidler with the Samuel Company is also part of the prayer aspect of the production team and their mission is to ensure that the project is being completed in a manner pleasing to God. They do not plan to tell the producers what to do, but merely work side by side with the team to help them follow God's leading.[4]

Igbodike Obioha serves as legal counsel to The Resurrection Project, LLC, which holds and oversees the funds raised for the production of the picture. Obioha, a UCLA graduate with a law degree from USC, is the president and founder of Obioha & Associates, APC in Culver City, California.[3] A partnership with Fernando Chavez of has helped the movie’s donation-based crowdfunding campaign. FaithLauncher is an online crowdfunding company that helps ministries fundraise for their causes. Within only a few months of operation, the project raised over $98,000.

Scott Shuford of FrontGate Media will be assisting with the branding and marketing of the movement and eventually the movie itself. Through FrontGate Media, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ will experience more pre-production exposure than any Christian film to date. Shuford's database of over 20 million Christian contacts will aid in spreading news of the project. Through FrontGate Media, Christians worldwide will be invited to participate in important aspects of production.

Ed Meyer, a graduate of Harvard University, has assisted independent film, television and commercial producers and directors for over 30 years. As the founder of, Meyer's expertise in production supervision, led him to act as the eyes and ears of investors, distributors, banks, insurance companies and producers. He supervised film, television and commercial productions worldwide. He has also been involved in the development, packaging and financing of feature films and episodic through his companies Adirondack International Pictures, Inc. and Meyer Entertainment. His position on The Resurrection Project will be to help see the movie come to completion and act as a consultant to the executive team.


David Wood believed that The Resurrection of Jesus Christ would be premiered worldwide on the same weekend, but at the time of his initial vision, the technology was not possible. However, the video streaming capability of today makes the vision a possibility. On its opening weekend, the film is planned to be available for streaming to computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. This also provides opportunities for churches and other organizations to stream the movie and sell tickets to a showing in their own building. The project is partnering with Chuong Thai of Vertical Streaming which provides access to technology that can stream the film to most digital devices.[5]

Once the film releases to DVD, Chuong will also be leading the DVD and Blu-ray release through Vertical Streaming’s sister company, Disc Works.

Video game[edit]

The Resurrection Project plans to take advantage of continuing growth in the online gaming industry by releasing a game along with the film. The Resurrection Video Game, which is being produced by a team led by Melissa Bianco, will be aimed toward a younger demographic. Bianco graduated from Capilano College in 1991 with a degree in Media Resources. She worked as a casting director, talent agent, and production assistant in the film and television industry before beginning her career in the game industry as a designer on the multiplayer game City of Heroes in 2002.

The Resurrection Project and Bianco will be working with Lightside Games to create the game. Brent Dusing, founder and CEO of the mobile coupon company Cellfire, is the founder of Lightside Games. Brent has a bachelor's degree in economics and graduated cum laude from Harvard University. Brent most recently oversaw Lightside’s successful game Light the Way for History Channel’s television miniseries, The Bible.[2]


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