The Return of the Shaggy Dog

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The Return of the Shaggy Dog
Written by Paul Haggis
Diane Wilk
Directed by Stuart Gillard
Starring Gary Kroeger
Todd Waring
Michele Little
Cindy Morgan
Jane Carr
Gavin Reed
Country of origin US
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Justis Greene
Harvey Marks
Markus S. McLean
Running time 100 min.
Distributor Buena Vista

Return of the Shaggy Dog is a 1987 two-part television movie followup to the 1959 feature film The Shaggy Dog

Set in the 17 years between the events portrayed in The Shaggy Dog and The Shaggy D.A., the film follows the adventures of Wilby Daniels, now a successful lawyer, who has proposed marriage to his girlfriend Betty. However, an aged Professor Plumcutt dies and his last words are that his infamous enchanted Borgia ring that transforms people into Old English Sheepdogs is to be inherited by Wilby, which again sets another sheepdog transformation in progress when the professors' evil, bumbling caretakers seek it for themselves. Wilby's younger brother "Moochie", now a full-grown man, comes to Wilby's aid when the curse reactivates, and Wilby agrees to help him in exchange by getting cast as the perfect dog for a dog food commercial, as Moochie is a struggling casting director. Together, Wilby and Moochie must once again break the Borgia curse before Wilby's wedding to Betty, but this time by Wilby carrying out Professor Plumcutt's last wish to take ownership of the cursed ring and thus put an end to dog transformations.

Production note[edit]

  • This third feature marks the end of the original story with Wilby Daniels as the son of Wilson and Freeda Daniels.
  • It was featured on the Wonderful World of Disney, being preceded by the 1959 film The Shaggy Dog. In keeping with the tradition that Walt Disney introduced films, Return of the Shaggy Dog was introduced by Disney CEO Michael Eisner, who attempts to invoke the transformation on Wilby, but when Eisner states the words, he has passed on the curse from Wilby to himself.


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