The Rich List (New Zealand game show)

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For other versions of the show, please see The Rich List.
The Rich List
Genre Game show
Created by 12 Yard
Presented by Jason Gunn
Country of origin New Zealand
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 39
Running time 60 minutes
(including commercials)
Original channel TVNZ
Picture format 576i 16:9
Audio format Stereo
Original run 23 June 2007 – Present
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The Rich List is a TV ONE New Zealand television game show, which debuted on 23 June 2007 and screens at 8:30PM. The show is hosted by Jason Gunn and is produced by Imagination Television. A second season has screened and a third season screened in November 2008.

How the game works[edit]

Two teams containing two players, who are unknown to each other, play from inside sound proof pods. Then they can discuss and deliberate over answers and tactics with their team mate, without their opponents hearing what their game strategy may be, or how many answers they actually know.

The two teams bid upwards against each other while predicting how many examples of a particular subject they will be able to list. If a team fails to list as many answers as they predicted, the other team wins the round.

The winners of the best of three lists move on to play The Rich List, a new game of list-making where increasing amounts of money are up for grabs, like this:

Right Answers Winnings
3 $5,000
6 $10,000
9 $15,000
12 $25,000
15 $50,000

However a wrong answer at any stage means all money for that rich-list is lost.

Regardless of whether they win $50,000 or nothing at all, as the reigning champions they will return to face new opponents.

International versions include Who Dares Wins presented by Nick Knowles in the UK. Contestants can win up to £50,000+.


Episode # Air Date Lists
1 12 June 2007
  • Streets and stations in classic Monopoly
  • ABBA singles that have reached top 40 in New Zealand, Australia or United Kingdom (Rich List)
2 19 June 2007
  • Celebrities who have presented an episode of the television series Intrepid Journeys (Rich List)
  • Animal characters that appear in the 'Hairy Maclary' series (Rich List)
3 26 June 2007
4 3 July 2007
  • Murder weapons, rooms, and characters in the game Cluedo
  • First five-eighth All Blacks since 1980 (Rich List)
5 10 July 2007
6 17 July 2007
  • International airlines whose planes land in New Zealand (Rich List)
7 24 July 2007
  • Feature films that Brad Pitt has appeared in
  • New Zealand batsmen who have scored over 1000 runs in test cricket
8 31 July 2007
  • New Zealand daily newspapers
  • Letters in the British game of Scrabble worth one point (Tie breaker)
  • The top 15 new car makes in New Zealand in 2006 (Rich List)
  • Wimbledon men's and women's singles champions since 1970
  • Feature films that Tom Hanks has appeared in (Rich List)
9 7 August 2007
10 14 August 2007
  • All Blacks who have played 50 tests or more (Rich List)
  • Animated Disney feature films (including Pixar)
  • Sovereign states with flags that are red, white and blue (Rich List)
11 21 August 2007
  • Characters from the original Star Wars trilogy
  • The top 20 grossing movies of all time (Rich List)
12 28 August 2007
  • North Island train stations on the main trunk line that the Overlander stops at (Tie breaker)
  • Countries with the letter 'Z' in their name (Rich List)
  • Flavours of chocolate blocks currently made by Cadbury plc
  • Principal villains from the Batmanmovies and the '60's TV series
  • The top 20 Whitcoulls best books as voted by New Zealanders (Rich List)
13 4 September 2007
  • 30 countries of the world with the largest land mass
  • Winners for best actress in a leading role at the Academy Awards between 1970 and 2007
  • Cities that have hosted a Commonwealth or Empire games (Rich List)
  • Individuals or teams that have won the Halberg Award since 1980 (Tie breaker)


The episode which aired on Tuesday 8 July 2008 and repeated on Boxing Day 2012 contained an error in the final Rich List which caused the winners to lose the list. The list was "Polygons with up to 20 sides". The list as approved by the show excluded all quadrilaterals except quadrilaterals itself, so triangles and quadrilaterals were the only 18 acceptable polygons that did not end in 'gon'. The vagueness of the list as aired on TV1 should have included trapeziums, squares, and other specific polygons.


This is a list of all contestants who have won the preliminary round and have played the Rich List. This also includes any contestants who failed to win any prize money from the Rich List.

Number Contestants Appearance Total winnings No. of Rich Lists played

Total prize money given away: $315,000

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