The Rolling Stones 1st American Tour 1964

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The Rolling Stones 1st American Tour 1964
Tour by The Rolling Stones
Associated album "The Rolling Stones"
Start date 5 June 1964
End date 20 June 1964
Legs 1
Shows 12
The Rolling Stones concert chronology
2nd British Tour 1964 1st American Tour 1964 3rd British Tour 1964

The Rolling Stones' 1964 1st American Tour was the band's first concert tour of America. The tour commenced on June 5 and concluded on June 20, 1964. On this tour, the band supported their first U.S. album The Rolling Stones.

Tour band[edit]

Tour dates[edit]

  • 06/05/1964 San Bernardino, California, Swing Auditorium, Orange Show Fairgrounds
  • 06/06/1964 San Antonio, Texas, "Teen Fair of Texas", Joe Freeman Coliseum, (2 shows)
  • 06/07/1964 San Antonio, Texas, "Teen Fair of Texas", Joe Freeman Coliseum, (2 shows)
  • 12/06/1964 Excelsior, Minnesota, Big Reggie’s Ballroom, Excelsior Amusement Park
  • 13/06/1964 Omaha, Nebraska, Music Hall Auditorium
  • 14/06/1964 Detroit, Olympia Stadium
  • 17/06/1964 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, West View Park
  • 18/06/1964 Syracuse, New York, War Memorial Arena
  • 19/06/1964 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Farm Show Arena
  • 20/06/1964 New York City, Carnegie Hall (2 shows)

April 24, 1964,Ottawa, Auditorium


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  • Donna Coffen wife to Robert "Bob" Coffen who booked the Rolling Stones to perform at Teen Fair of Texas at Joe Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas June 6 & 7, 1964 4 performances