The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film

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The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film
Directed by Richard Lester
Peter Sellers
Produced by Peter Sellers
Written by Richard Lester
Spike Milligan
Peter Sellers
Starring Peter Sellers
Spike Milligan
Music by Richard Lester
Cinematography Richard Lester
Edited by Richard Lester
Peter Sellers
Peter Sellers Productions
Distributed by British Lion Films (1959)
Janus Films (since 2014, with A Hard Day's Night)
Release dates
November 1959
Running time
11 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £70

The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film is a short (eleven minute) film directed by Richard Lester and Peter Sellers, in collaboration with Bruce Lacey. The film was released in 1959.

It was filmed over two Sundays in 1959, at a cost of around £70 (including £5 for the rental of a field).[1]

It was nominated for an Academy Award, but did not win. It was a favourite of The Beatles, which led to Lester being hired to direct A Hard Day's Night and then Help!, in which Lacey makes a guest appearance as George Harrison's gardener in the opening sequence.

The short film has been made available as a special feature on several home video releases of A Hard Day's Night. It is also featured in The Unknown Peter Sellers and a BFI released collection of rarely-seen films from Bruce Lacey's career entitled The Lacey Rituals.



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