The San Juan Star

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The San Juan Star
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
President Gerry Angulo
Founded 1959
Language English

The The San Juan Star is an English-language, Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The newspaper was published by Star Media Network, a subdivision of San Juan Star, Inc.

The newspaper was founded in 1959, and was intended for the English-speaking population in Puerto Rico. Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist William Kennedy was once the managing editor of the Star, soon after its inception to 1961.[1] The paper was sold in 1996 from then owner, Scripps-Howard to Gerry Angulo, who had formerly worked for money manager Ivan Boesky.[2]

At one point, the newspaper's staff included a Capitol reporter, federal court reporter, a La Fortaleza reporter, Education reporter, environmental reporter, economics reporter, and a Washington DC correspondent, among other writers.[citation needed]

The Daily News, a fictional newspaper appearing in Hunter S. Thompson's The Rum Diary, is based on this newspaper as Thompson had befriended a number of Star writers when living on the island in 1960.[citation needed]

On Friday August 29, 2008, The Star published its last issue and closed down with publisher Gerry Angulo blaming the union for not agreeing to cost cuts. At the time, the Star had 120 employees. The paper had reportedly been losing money for several years and the losses deepened due to the 2008 recession.[3]

In 2011, The San Juan Daily Star reopened with a new staff and a new vision. The only English daily newspaper on the island has been growing steady for the last three years, serving the English-speaking community in Puerto Rico.


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