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The Santangelo Novels are a series of novels written by Jackie Collins. The novels focus on the Santangelo family, particularly Gino Santangelo, an Italian-American former gangster, and his daughter Lucky. The novels, which take place from the 1920s to the present day, are set in the world of organised crime and include the Santangelos' rivalry with the Bonnatti and Kassari families. To date, there are eight novels in the Santangelo saga. The most recent, Confessions of a Wild Child (2013), is a prequel depicting the teenage years of Lucky Santangelo, which was briefly explored in the first Santangelo novel, Chances (1981).

Main characters[edit]

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  • Gino Santangelo - first appears in Chances
  • Lucky Santangelo - first appears in Chances
  • Olympia Stanisopolous - first appears in Chances
  • Costa Zennocotti - first appears in Chances
  • Carrie Berkley - first appears in Chances
  • Steven Berkley - first appears in Chances
  • Lennie Golden - first appears in Lucky
  • Brigitte Stanisopolous - first appears in Lucky
  • Alex Woods - first appears in Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge

The novels[edit]

  1. Chances (1981)
  2. Lucky (1985)
  3. Lady Boss (1990)
  4. Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge (1996)
  5. Dangerous Kiss (1999)
  6. Drop Dead Beautiful (2007)
  7. Goddess of Vengeance (2011)
  8. Confessions of a Wild Child (2013)
  • Poor Little Bitch Girl (2009) also features characters from the Santangelo series but is not considered to be a part of the series. Lucky Santangelo only makes a brief appearance in the novel, though her son Bobby Stanisopolous features more prominently.

Television adaptations[edit]

Two television miniseries have been made based on The Santangelo Novels which were adapted by Collins herself:

  • Lucky Chances (1990) - based on the novels Chances and Lucky
  • Lady Boss (1992) - based on the novel of the same name.

The role of Lucky Santangelo was first played by actress Nicollette Sheridan in Lucky Chances, and later by Kim Delaney in Lady Boss. Collins has stated an interest in producing another production based on the Santangelo novels, but there are no current details.