The Sawtooth

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The Sawtooth
Leaning on the sawtooth.jpg
A climber leaning on an overhang that's part of the sawtooth. Behind him, to the left, is Mount Evans, and Mount Bierstadt is to the right, off screen. Abyss Lake can be seen below.
Elevation 13,766 ft (4,196 m) NAVD 88[1]
The Sawtooth is located in Colorado
The Sawtooth
The Sawtooth
Location Clear Creek County,
Colorado, U.S.
Range Front Range
Coordinates 39°35′27″N 105°39′51″W / 39.59083°N 105.66417°W / 39.59083; -105.66417Coordinates: 39°35′27″N 105°39′51″W / 39.59083°N 105.66417°W / 39.59083; -105.66417[1]
Easiest route Class 3 from Guanella Pass, 6.75 mile round trip

The Sawtooth is a jagged arête joining Mount Bierstadt to (eventually) Mount Evans in the Front Range of central Colorado.[2] The three points along this arête resemble the teeth of a saw, leading to its name. The southeast wall of the arête is the head of the cirque above Abyss Lake, while its northwest wall is the cirque at the head of a valley above Guanella Pass. The northeast end of the sawtooth joins directly to the shoulder of Mount Spalding, from which a second (and slightly less abrupt) arête leads southeast to Mount Evans. This second arête divides the glacial valley of Abyss Lake to the southwest from the cirque of Summit Lake, to the northeast.

Mount Spalding on the left, The Sawtooth, center, and Mount Bierstadt on the right, seen from Guanella Pass, to the northwest


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