The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

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The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
Born Created Autumn 2005
Aberdeen, Scotland
Medium television, theatre, radio, comic books
Nationality  Scottish
Genres comedy

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre is a comedy act that began in the UK in 2005 and has performed nationally [1] and internationally since. They first appeared as part of The Sitcom Trials in London. They appeared in the Gilded Balloon at Edinburgh Festival Fringe[2] in 2007,[3] 2008,[4] 2009,[5] and 2010,[6] attracting rave reviews.[7][8] The act has toured nationally[9][10] and internationally every year since 2008[11] including Holland, Denmark and the Channel Isles. Prestigious appearances have included the Cheltenham Literary Festival and the Edinburgh International Magic Festival.[12] They have appeared on BBC TV's The One Show, Comedy Shuffle, The Culture Show, Points West and Upstaged, GMTV, MTV, Current TV and Channel 4's Big Brother's Little Brother.

Their show was nominated Best Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival Awards[13][14] in 2009, and was the Winner of the Edinburgh Festival Insider Comedy Award 2009.[15]

They have a large popular following through YouTube and published their first comicbook Socks in 2008.

They have appeared in DVD extras on the DVD releases of three classic Doctor Who serials: The War Games in 2009, The Horns of Nimon and The Dominators in 2010.

Their show is written and performed by comedian and comic book creator Kev F. Sutherland, author of Bash Street Kids Adventures and creator of The Sitcom Trials.

Year Show name Notes
2007 The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Debut show at Gilded Balloon, followed by 18 date tour.
2008 Return of The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Gilded Balloon, followed by 36 date tour
2009 Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Goes To Hollywood Gilded Balloon, followed by 28 date tour
2010 Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre On The Telly[16] Gilded Balloon, followed by 32 date tour[17]
2012 Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre: Boo Lingerie! - A Socky Horror Show[18][19][20] Gilded Balloon, followed by tour
2012 Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre: Chunky Woollen Nits[21] Gilded Balloon
2013 Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre In Space[22] Gilded Balloon, as part of ongoing tour

Adelaide Fringe 2012[23][24]


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