The Scriptures (album)

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The Scriptures
Studio album by Christian Death
Released 1987
Recorded 1987
Genre Deathrock
Label Normal Records Jungle Records Cleopatra Records Candlelight Records
Producer Valor
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

The Scriptures was Christian Death's fifth album and is seen as an essay on comparative world religions. The liner notes state that the work is "a translation of world beliefs by Valor." The album, like Atrocities, is split into two acts, though later reissues would omit these subtitles. The first 10,000 versions of the original LP record came with a free seven inch single containing two songs: "Jezebel's Tribulation" and "Wraeththu". Some CD reissues of the album feature these songs as bonus tracks. The completion of recording on The Scriptures would see David Glass leave the group and like previous members Barry Galvin and Johann Schumann, would go on to play in Mephisto Walz.

Track listing[edit]

"The Days Of Yore And Nonce"

  1. "Prelude" (Valor) 1:57
  2. "Song Of Songs" (Valor) 5:15
  3. "Vanity" (Valor) 2:55
  4. "The Four Horsemen" (Valor) 4:48
  5. "1983" (Jimi Hendrix) 9:58

"The Womb Of Time"

  1. "Omega Dawn" (Valor, D. Glass) 3:19
  2. "A Ringing In Their Ears" (Valor, D. Glass) 1:37
  3. "Golden Age" (Valor, Kota) 3:29
  4. "Alpha Sunset" (Valor, D. Glass) 2:01
  5. "Spilt Blood" (Valor, D. Glass) 0:58
  6. "Raw War" (Valor, D. Glass) 6:32
  7. "Reflections" (Valor, R. Spitzer, D. Glass) 6:20