The Search for John Gissing

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The Search for John Gissing
The Search for John Gissing Poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed by Mike Binder
Produced by Jack Binder
Marc Frydman
James Harbaugh
Written by Mike Binder
Starring Mike Binder
Alan Rickman
Janeane Garofalo
Music by Larry Groupé
Cinematography Sue Gibson
Edited by Roger Nygard
Release dates 2001
Running time 91mins .
Country United States
Language English

The Search for John Gissing is an award winning comedy written and directed by Mike Binder and produced by Jack Binder. Set in London, it stars Mike Binder, Alan Rickman and Janeane Garofalo, amongst others.

Tagline: An American businessman (Mike Binder) and his wife (Janeane Garofalo) have their lives turned upside-down by the British co-worker (Alan Rickman) he has unknowingly come to replace. The film won Best Picture at the 2002 Sarasota Film Festival.


Matthew Barnes is a young executive on the move up who finds himself a pawn in corporate in-fighting when he's sent to London to oversee a merger. He's to replace John Gissing; Gissing's gotten wind of it, and he makes sure that Matthew and his wife Linda, who has dutifully but reluctantly come to England, have a miserable first few days there. By the time Matthew figures out what's happening and declares a counter offensive, it may be too late to save himself from a transfer to Detroit. With Gissing still holding lots of cards and Linda more unhappy by the moment, Matthew must reevaluate. All out war? A partnership with Gissing? Some third way?



Not having found an appropriate distribution deal, Sunlight Productions set the film aside following its festival premieres. Shortly thereafter, an online petition was formed in a plea for the release of the film. Recognizing the sparked interest of over 33000 signatures to date, Mike and Jack Binder's Sunlight Productions has made the film available online.

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