The Seventh Secret

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The Seventh Secret is a 1985 novel by Irving Wallace using an alternate history of Adolf Hitler having survived World War II.

Plot summary[edit]

British historian Harrison Ashcroft is told by an informant of information which "proves" Hitler survived the end of World War II, rather than (the popular version) committing suicide. When he journeys to West Berlin to investigate, he is killed by a heavy Mercedes lorry and his murder is made to resemble an accident—and described as such by West Berlin's police chief Wolfgang Schmidt.

Ashcroft's death draws the following people to Berlin to investigate:

  • Ashcroft's daughter Emily. She worked with her father on a biography of Hitler.
  • California architect Rex Foster
  • Mossad agent Tovah Levine, for whom "the very mention of Hitler or Nazis, is grist to the mill"
  • Mr. Kirvov, collector of Hitler's Art.

Emily is working to finish her biography of Hitler that she started with her father. She visits one of Hitler's dentists and he shows her two things, a dental chart and a drawing of a necklace. He says that Hitler always wore a necklace with a picture of Fredrick the Great for good luck, yet the Russians had never found it. He also told Emily that he had put another dental crown on his teeth during the last days of the war, yet the Russians never found that either. This prompts Emily to dig at the bunker where Hitler supposedly lived his last days.

While she ventures on this quest to find the truth to Hitler's story she meets Levine and Foster. Emily has an instant connection with Foster and unwillingly tells him information that she was supposed to keeps as a secret. After Foster saves her life from a murderous intruder and admits his love for her; she ends up spending the night with him while drunk with scotch.

Emily along with Kirvov, Foster and Levine all used their combined power which leads them the unbelievable truth. Kirvov finds out about the painting that he has that is supposed to be an authentic painting by Hitler that the real Adolf Hitler might still be alive. The painting that depicted a Nazi building showed the image of a renovated building that had an additional element that was constructed in 1952. How could this painting which is supposed to be an authentic Hitler painting still have the designs of the building that were added in 1952 which was 7 years after his supposed death?

Levine helps the four of them by discovering that Hitler and Eva Braun (his wife) had legitimate duplicates who normally attended functions in their place and who resembled Hitler very closely. Could the Hitler and Eva doubles have been the one who died in the bunker instead of the actual two people?

Foster helped the group significantly and he discovered through a former Nazi bunker architect that Hitler had seven bunkers even though only six were known to other people. Foster discovers that the seventh Bunker is right next to the bunker that Hitler supposedly died in and he goes and investigates to find a secret passage that leads from Hitler and Eva's personal bedroom to a seventh bunker in a hidden passage route which was previously built by Jewish slaves (who were later killed to be silenced by Hitler himself).

As Foster goes through this passage he finds out that it certainly leads to another unknown bunker where he finds that his love, Emily Ashcroft, is hidden after her sudden disappearance in the Cafe Wolf (this bunker happens to be right beneath this cafe which Eva Braun first used as her photo studio and later turned into a cafe to not attract too much attention. He also finds that Eva Braun is still alive and sleeping in the adjacent room.

He let Emily escape and he later drugged Eva (who went by the name Evelyn Hoffman to not attract too much attention) with a truth drug which made her spit out the facts. Braun admits that she and Hitler used their doubles when they claimed their death and were alive and living in this bunker the entire time which completely escaped the eyes of the Soviets when they raided the bunker.

She claimed that the real Hitler died on the same day as JFK and ever since that, she has been at the head of the Nazis. She said that over fifty Nazis were in the secret bunker at the moment and that they would rise once more when Nazis were strong enough and when the Americans and Soviets destroyed each other with their missiles.

Eva Braun also revealed one of the most ghastly secrets which was that she and Hitler had a child before he died. The daughter that they had was kept a secret from the rest of the world. Hitler did not want his daughter to rot in the bunker so he arranged for their previous maid to take care of the daughter as her own in exchange of a great bribe.

The daughter's name is Klara Feigbig who is already married and pregnant with Hitler's grandchild but she has no idea about her actual parentage and she lives a peaceful life. Eva also revealed that the police chief, Wolfgang Scmidt, who the whole town trusted as an anti-Nazi was actually one of Hitler secret SS guards and was to take over as leader when the new Nazi Germany was established once again.

Tovah then reveals that she is part of Mossad, and suggests kidnapping Eva and eliminating the Nazis—and even suggests the method, poisoning them with Zyklon-B. Eva however escapes while Schmidt and the fifty Nazis are killed (Schmidt is horrified when he sees the purple sublimating crystals) and tries to convince Klara to flee with her—after which Klara hangs herself, leaving her husband desolate and bitter.