The Sex of the Stars

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The Sex of the Stars
The Sex of the Stars VideoCover.jpeg
Directed by Paule Baillargeon
Produced by Pierre Gendron
Jean-Roch Marcotte
Written by Monique Proulx
Starring Marianne Coquelicot Mercier
Denis Mercier
Music by Yves Laferrière
Cinematography Eric Cayla
Edited by Hélène Girard
Distributed by First Run Features (USA)
Release dates 1993
Running time 104 mins.
Country Canada Canada
Language French

The Sex of the Stars (French: Le Sexe des étoiles) is a 1993 Canadian drama film directed by Paule Baillargeon and written by Monique Proulx.


13 year-old Camille (Mercier) is reunited with her long-lost father and has to come to terms with the fact that he is now a woman.

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