The Shaggy Dog (1994 film)

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The Shaggy Dog
Directed by Dennis Dugan
Produced by Scott Immergut
Irwin Marcus
Les Mayfield
Joseph B. Wallenstein
George Zaloom
Written by Felix Salten
Bill Walsh
Lillie Hayward
Tim Doyle
Starring Scott Weinger
Ed Begley, Jr.
Sharon Lawrence
Jon Polito
James Cromwell
Jeremy Sisto
Cinematography Russ T. Alsobrook
Edited by Jeff Gourson
ZM Productions, Walt Disney Television
Distributed by ABC
Release dates
12 November 1994
Running time
96 minutes
Language English

The Shaggy Dog is a comedy television movie. Released in 1994 for ABC's Saturday night Disney Family Movies series,[1] it is the first remake of the original 1959 film.


Preteen Moochie Daniels just wants a dog, but his dad, Ron, is allergic to canines, like Bundles, the shabby sheep dog of neighbor Charlie Mulvihill who secretly trained his pet to help him steal jewels. Mooch's big brother Wilbert 'Wilby' is smart, shy and a promising inventor, but hopelessly clumsy when it comes to girls, and is jealous of his slick mate Trey who has no problems. Desperate Wilby resorts to a spell from the ring of Lucrezia Borgia (he accidentally got from dad's museum of curiosities), which magically turns him into Bundles and back at uncontrollable times. This is how he also knows that the diamond on loan in his father's museum is Charlie's next target, but who would believe his story?


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