The Shorts

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The Shorts
Origin  Netherlands
Genres Country, Pop
Years active 1976-

The Shorts was a pop group from the Netherlands consisting of Hans van Vondelen (vocals), Erik de Wildt (keyboard), Hans Stokkermans (bass guitar) and Peter Wezenbeek (drums). The group was formed in 1976, and scored a 1983 international hit with "Comment ça va". Last "recorded" appearance in from Sopot Festival 1984.

Discography is presenting 1 LP and 11 Singles & EP discs.

LP was made by EMI-Bovema Holland "Shorts, The – Comment Ça Va" Genre:Pop Style:Chanson, Europop Year:1983 Tracklist

  1. Comment Ça Va 3:30
  2. One Pair 3:24
  3. Een Beetje Vuur 3:41
  4. Ik Zing 3:55
  5. Springtime 2:37
  6. I'm A Musician 4:42
  7. Je Suis, Tu Es 3:35
  8. Subway Love 4:15
  9. I'm Saving 3:25
  10. Annabelle 3:46
  11. Goodbye, Don't Cry 4:21

March 2013 updates: Hans van Vondelen owns Fendal Sound Studios. Peter Wezenbeek is an owner of J.P. Audio Visueel BV and Droomtent recording studio. Hans Stokkermans is a detective and continues intensively playing as a musican on bass guitar. Erik de Wildt's owns a drugstore.