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The Showroom is a not-for-profit art gallery at 63 Penfold Street, London NW8 which puts on exhibitions by emerging artists. The current Director is Emily Pethick, who has worked at the gallery since May 2008. She was preceded by Kirsty Ogg, Kim Sweet and David Thorp.

The gallery programme focuses on new works created for the space. The gallery presents four shows each year, a schedule that allows artists the time to develop and realise their work on site.

For many years, and until 2008, the gallery was based at a site in East London. In 2008, the gallery relocated to a building in Marylebone, London on Penfold Street, which was converted by Berlin-based architects ifau + Jesko Fezer.

Solo shows at The Showroom in the former East End space included Mona Hatoum, Sam Taylor-Wood, Simon Starling, Christina Mackie, Jim Lambie, Claire Barclay, and Eva Rothschild.

The Showroom receives fixed-term funding from Arts Council of England and other organisations and individuals.


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