The Sideways Door

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Doctor Who book
Book cover
The Sideways Door
Series Time Hunter
Release number 10
Writer R.J. Carter and Troy Riser
Publisher Telos Publishing Ltd.
ISBN 1-84583-102-0 (pb)
Number of pages 120
Release date August 2006

The Sideways Door is the tenth in the series of Time Hunter novellas and features the characters Honoré Lechasseur and Emily Blandish from Daniel O'Mahony's Doctor Who novella The Cabinet of Light.

The novella is also available in a limited edition hardback, signed by the authors (ISBN 1-84583-103-9)

(The series is not formally connected to the Whoniverse.)


Honoré and Emily find themselves in a parallel timestream where their alternate selves think nothing of changing history to improve the quality of life - especially their own. Honoré has been recently haunted by the death of his mother, an event which happened in his childhood, but now there seems to be a way to reverse that event, but at what cost?

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