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The Simon Sisters was a band of two sisters, Carly Simon and Lucy Simon. They were signed up by Kapp Records in 1964. That same year Kapp released their only albums with the record label: Meet The Simon Sisters (also released as "The Simon Sisters - Winkin' Blinkin' and Nod") and later Cuddlebug.".[1] They had one minor hit with the single "Winkin' Blinkin' And Nod",[2] a children's poem by Eugene Field that Lucy had put to music. In 1969, the duo was signed by Columbia Records and released a third album, The Simon Sisters Sing The Lobster Quadrille And Other Songs For Children, later re-released by Columbia in 1973 as Lucy & Carly - The Simon Sisters Sing For Children. They performed Turn! Turn! Turn! on the Hootenanny TV series, and that performance was selected for inclusion in the DVD set with selected performances from that program. [3] The duo disbanded when Lucy left to get married. Lucy had a minor solo career and released 2 albums in the seventies before having more recent success writing music for Broadway plays. Carly, beginning in 1971, went on to a very successful solo career that continues to this day.




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