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The Sims FreePlay
The sims freeplay icon.jpg
Developer(s) EA Mobile
Firemonkeys Studios
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Series The Sims
Platform(s) iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone
Release date(s) December 15, 2011
Genre(s) Life simulation, Social simulation
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Download

The Sims FreePlay is a strategic life simulation game developed by EA Mobile and later with Firemonkeys Studios. It is a freemium version of the The Sims for mobile devices and was released worldwide on December 15, 2011 for iOS devices, on February 15, 2012 for Android, July 31, 2013 for BlackBerry 10 and September 12, 2013 for Windows Phone 8. The game made it to Kindle Fire in October 2012.In the game, players build houses, control virtual people called Sims to satisfy their needs and wishes, and let them complete different kinds of actions which people do in real life. Unlike other Sims games, The Sims FreePlay runs in real-time and takes real time to complete actions. All actions must be instructed by players, unlike in the computer version, where Sims can have some degree of autonomy . Players can currently progress through 52 levels to unlock new content and create up to 32 Sims.



The game currently has 3 types of currency: Simoleons, Life Points and Social Points. There are various ways to earn Simoleons in the game, including sending Sims to work, gardening, and baking. Life Points can be earned by completing goals, hobbies, offers on the online store, driving, or can be dug up by pets. Social Points can only be earned by completing social goals in a Neighbor's town. However, all three currencies can be purchased from the online store. The number of Neighbors the player had could once be used to obtain objects from buy mode for free. This was discontinued in the Neighbors Update, when the player would have to purchase them with Social Points. Construction-O Coins were exclusive to The Moving Up Update. These could only be earned by woodworking and could be used to add second and third stories to houses along with stairs. After this update, stories could be added to houses using a large amount of Simoleans.


There are currently 9 career paths in the game. Skill objects could be bought from Promotions 'R' Us store to help increase a Sim's skill level, and therefore get a promotion.

  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Firefighter
  • Athlete
  • Politician
  • Teacher
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Artist
  • Scientist

Adults have a choice of the careers above while pre-teens and teens have a choice to take the following classes as a student at Simtown Elementary and Simtown High:

  • Morning Class
  • Afternoon Class
  • Night Class


Hobbies were first introduced in the pre-teens update, originally for the pre-teens only. Later updates would introduce hobbies for adults too, these could be seen as skills.

Pre-Teens' Hobbies[edit]

  • Ballet
  • Karate
  • Diving
  • Figure Skating

Adults' Hobbies[edit]

  • Ghost Hunter
  • Fishing
  • Fashion Designer
  • Diving
  • Woodworking
  • Figure Skating

Teens' Hobbies[edit]

  • Teen Idol
  • Figure Skating
  • Diving

Town Map[edit]

  • Park
  • Night Club
  • Community Center
  • Swimming Center
  • Snow Park
  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • Car shop
  • Pet shop
  • Supermarket
  • Hobby/promotion shop
  • The Salon
  • Fashion and Fancy Dress store
  • Kids store
Career buildings
  • Recording Studio
  • Movie Studio
  • Fire Station
  • Stadium
  • Town Hall
  • School
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Art Gallery
  • Science Lab
  • Party Boat
  • Competition Center
  • The Bridge

Life Stages[edit]

Typically a Sim goes through six life stages in the game: baby, toddler, preteen, teen, adult and elder. They can have different actions in each stage.


Babies are the first life stage in The Sims FreePlay. To create a baby, a player has to buy a crib from the Home Store or The Children's Store, and then pay an additional 3 Lifestyle Points once the player bought the cot. Pregnancy takes 24 hours but you can speed it up with LP. Once the 24 hours is up the player tap on the cot and it takes you to Create-A-Sim. The player chooses what the Sims' baby looks like and its name, and after it is finished your baby is in your house. Players can perform 5 different actions with your baby:

  • Change diaper
  • Cuddle
  • Give food
  • Entertain
  • Have birthday. (Having a baby's birthday makes them age into a toddler.)

Players can buy a lot of items for the Sims' baby from the Children's Store.


Toddlers are easier to look after than babies in Sims FreePlay. They can sleep by themselves, walk by themselves and do a lot by themselves. However, some activities are done with help: Food must be brought to them. They need a person to look after them when they are in the bath.

Most of the time, they play and do activities: Riding toy horses, going to the swimming pool, playing hide and seek, and play patty cake! They can dress up and interact with pets. However, they can not be left home alone.


When one Sim is a preteen, he or she can start doing hobbies like ballet and karate. They can stay in a house alone and they get to complete school grades. They can also interact with toddlers.


Teens were released in October 2013. They are now here due to Osiris, the friendly alien, fixing the cake system and adding a chance for a pre-teen to grow to a teen. They are present in the new update where there is now a new Sim Town High School. It will be a very successful era and in mid-November the release is expected for the new Sim's 'Teen Idol'. They will be known for love, relationships, socializing and being together as friends. They can become famous sims and players can unlock a three story mansion for free. They can stay home by themselves and look after babies and toddlers.


This stage is the main life of a Sim. This category allows for such things as having different types of relationships, work, hobbies and providing money for the household.Players can turn teens to adults if they complete the Adulthood goal available from level 19.


They live their golden ages.From level 21, adults become elders if they have their birthday. Starting February 2014, they can have a new hobby, quilting. They will also have new pets, such as birds. They can play bingo in Mystery Island and can win simoleons.

Pre-built houses[edit]

Players can build their own houses by buying an empty lot but pre-made houses can also be bought with Simoleons, Life Points or Social Points. The prices change depending on how many houses the player already own.



The game is regularly updated with new content and has many events and competitions, announced at FreePlay's official Facebook page. The updates include elements from various expansion packs and stuff packs from the main series, each new update would come with new goals and sometimes hobbies and jobs. Several updates for the game have been released:

The Valentine's Day Update[edit]

The first update included new Valentine's Day themed objects and a new career option, Scientist.

Marriage and Babies Update[edit]

This update introduced the ability for Sims to propose, get married, "Woohoo"(i.e. sexual intercourse), and have babies. Sims that are married will move in and live together.[1]

The Easter Update[edit]

This update came for the iOS only. The minor update included Easter themed objects, clothing, wallpapers and floors.[2][3]

The Toddler Update[edit]

This update allowed babies to age to toddlers. A birthday cake would need to be baked by an adult, which will take them one day and at the time, cost 20 Life Points (now only 5). Toddlers could interact with pets. Costumes can be bought for the toddlers. The update also included new objects for toddlers such as toys, beds, bookshelves, wallpapers and floors.[4][5]

The Social Update[edit]

This update introduced social game features as well as some from The Urbz: Sims in the City, The Sims 2: Nightlife, and The Sims 3: Late Night. A party boat with a leader-board so players can compare their town value. New objects which could be obtained for free if the player had enough Neighbors. A nightclub which Sims can visit, buy drinks, dance, bartend and DJ. Sims could now buy cats for their houses.[6][7]

The Style Update[edit]

This update introduced the Salon, where Sims can buy new hairstyles, accessories and tattoos. New pre-made houses could be bought such as the Skater's Pad and the Japanese Retreat. The update also gave players 20 free Life Points. A selection of outfits and hairstyles from Katy Perry's Sweet Treats could be bought from the online store for a limited time.[8][9]

The Pre-Teen Update[edit]

Allowing the toddlers to age to pre-teens. This update introduced the school, where pre-teens can be morning, afternoon or night students and also introduced the teaching career for adults. This update also introduced hobbies, the first two being for the pre-teens, Karate and Ballet.[10][11]

The Supernatural Update[edit]

Includes some features from The Sims 3: Supernatural. The first hobby for adult sims were introduced in this update, Ghost Hunting. Halloween themed objects could be bought and new places such as the Costume Shop, an updated stadium and a Competition Center could be built. A ghost keeper and a haunted house could be unlocked if two rounds of ghosts were captured.[12]

The Holiday Update[edit]

This Christmas themed update included a limited edition set of goals which included Santa Clause as a sim. Christmas decorations could be bought and two new hobbies were introduced, fishing and fashion designing

Pool Party Update[edit]

A swimming center could be built, where sims can learn a new hobby, diving. Pools could be built in gardens and objects for the pools can be bought. Swimsuit and Dolphin bundles were available for purchase from the Online Store. Sims would have to clean their pools regularly or they will turn green. The automatic pool cleaner could be unlocked for a limited time if a sim collected all the medals from diving. The requirement to have a fire extinguisher to put out flames or a plant killer to get rid of the Sim-Eating plants were dropped.

The Livin' Large Update[edit]

New beach-side lots could be bought, which are twice the size as the normal ones. Prior this update, a contest was held for players to build a Dream Home, the winner was included in the update along with other new pre-made houses, Neo Tokyo theme and the Beachside Escape. Sims could have two new careers, acting and Estate Agent. An automatic vomit and pee cleaner could be bought.

Moving Up Update[edit]

Players could now add second and third stories to their houses. In this update only, they would have to earn Construction-O Coins to add extra floors and stairs to their houses. They would earn these by a new hobby, woodworking. After this update however, the player would have to buy the second/third stories and stairs for a much larger price of simoleons. A limited set of goals were set which could allow the player to unlock fire poles, escalators, lifts and teleporters. A two story mansion could be bought. Adidas products could be bought for sims from the online store.

Climate Control Update[edit]

This update included features from The Sims 2: Seasons and The Sims 3: Seasons, although this update focuses more on storms and snow, ironically, the update came in the summer. A weather changing machine could be obtained, the first time being for free, after that, you'd have to buy it with simoleons. This machine allowed the player to make it snow, rain, or be sunny. A new hobby was introduced, ice skating. A snow park could be built on the town map and winter outfits could be bought.

Neighbors Update[edit]

The Neighbors Update continued to introduce social game features to the game, including some from The Sims Social, which had recently been shut down. A new currency, Social Points, which previously appeared in The Sims Social was introduced to the game as well as the ability to visit other player's towns. Only one sim could be sent at the time. Sims can complete new goals in neighbor's towns to earn Social Points, which could then be used to buy new objects and a Scandinavian House.

Mystery Island Update[edit]

In the update, players can get off the Sim Town for the first time and build the bridge to the Mystery Island. Resources are collected through random actions, which can be used to upgrade monuments on the island. Each monument has its own special power and can be upgraded to the Level 70. Two new plants are added, Simoleons Sprout and Lifestyle Points Lotus. Players can also build house boats, which can be purchased with Social Points.

Teen Update[edit]

The Teen Update, released on October 5, 2013, allows you to bake another birthday cake in order to grow a preteen into a teen. With teens, you can have romantic relationships as well as bad ones. Teens can access the new Teen Idol hobby and compete to be the Teen Idol. Players can also build Sim Town High.[13]

The Holiday Update[edit]

The second holiday update included new objects and goals, which continues the story from the last holiday update. It also re-introduced some of the limited edition objects from the previous holiday update. The goals include traveling to the North Pole to Santa's workshop to help his elves make presents.

The All Grown Up Update[edit]

In this update, you can turn teens to adults if you reach level 19, and you can turn adults to elders if you reach level 21. You can also build the Bingo Hall in the Mystery Island.Master the art of quilting starting the fifth of February 2014 and have new pets, birds, starting the nineteenth of February 2014.

Life Dreams and Legacies Update[edit]

In this update some new things are added such as the Grim Reaper being able to take the life of your elders, the elders can leave behind legacies that go through the generation, and Osiris makes a machine where your sims can age automatically in certain amount of time depending on the life stage. However, to obtain all of these things the player must reach level 24.

Saddle Up Update[edit]

In this update, your Sims can now interact with horses.When you reach level 11, you can complete the Need for Steed goal set and unlock the Stables on the Mystery Island.

The Carnival Update[edit]

You can buy the Carnival on the Mystery Island. At the Carnival,you can buy different rides (for example Carousel and Bouncy castle) with Life orbs.


The game is generally well received according to Apple's App Store rating. However, some people on the App Store say that the game's in-app purchases are too expensive, and some items in the game need a lot of cash to buy.


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