The Son Also Rises

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"The Son Also Rises" is also the title of episodes in TV series L.A. Law, Moonlighting, Invasion, Dinosaurs, Minder, and Tripping the Rift.
"The Son Also Rises"
Battlestar Galactica episode
Romo Lampkin, Baltar's lawyer
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 18
Directed by Robert Young
Written by Michael Angeli
Original air date March 11, 2007
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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Episode chronology

"The Son Also Rises" is the eighteenth episode of the third season from the science fiction television series, Battlestar Galactica. Its title is a play on the title of the famous Ernest Hemingway novel, The Sun Also Rises.


Survivor Count: 41,399

When Roslin asks why he volunteered to be Baltar's legal counsel, possibly risking his life because of it, he claims he's doing it for the "Fame." Everyone is then startled by Lampkin's cat which jumps on Roslin's desk.

Lampkin requests to see his client Baltar, but chooses Apollo's quarters for the meeting saying Baltar's cell and Lampkin's assigned quarters may be booby trapped or bugged.

The meeting is arranged and as Apollo watches, Baltar and Lampkin discuss the trial.

Lampkin later requests to go to Colonial One, but since Apollo is grounded from flight he asks Athena to shuttle Lampkin and himself over.

When Apollo inquires why he has Roslin's reading glasses, Lampkin says "I borrow things." He admits to having kleptomania and is compelled to steal "Something" from everyone he meets.

Apollo now wishes to help Lampkin; Adama doesn't allow it, saying the job is too risky, and tells Apollo to return to duty.

Baltar receives an envelope from Lampkin via Apollo which contains his pen and a poetic note stating, "There's no greater ally, no force more powerful, no enemy more resolved than a son who chooses to step from his father's shadow."

Emmy Award consideration[edit]

Tricia Helfer submitted this episode for consideration in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series" on her behalf for the 2007 Emmy Awards.[1]


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