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This article is about British musician. For Norwegian jazz fusion band, see The Source (band).

The Source originally started out as an alias of unknown origin for Source Records's 1986 single release "You Got the Love" which featured Candi Staton. In 1989, DJ Eren, put Candi Staton's vocals over a track by Jamie Principle called "Your Love" which became a club hit. This was also released on a bootleg EP known as "Love/Rock". British producer/DJ John Truelove then adopted the moniker himself and continued releasing records using the name.[1] The mash-up - each time credited to The Source featuring Candi Staton - originally charted in 1991, reaching number 4 in the UK Singles Chart. However it was remixed and re-released again by Truelove using his Now Voyager moniker in 1997, reaching one spot higher at number 3. Truelove signed with XL Recordings in 1997 and released a 12-inch EP called Clouds, featuring four different mixes of the Chaka Kahn song "Clouds" sung by Kahn's sister, Yvonne Stevens, aka Taka Boom.[1] In 2006, "You Got the Love" was remixed and re-released yet again, reaching number 7.[2] In 2009, Florence & The Machine released a version entitled "You've Got The Love" from the album "Lungs".

Now Voyager began as a band started by Truelove in 1996. He recruited Louise De Fraine (vocals), Chris Harvey (guitar) and Larry Lush (programming, keyboards). Despite writing and showcasing an album of material, the band failed to secure a significant record deal. Now Voyager remains a side project for John Truelove.


Staton was unaware of the record's existence until she was told that she had a number 1 single: "They were calling my house saying I had a number one record in England, and I said, 'What song? I haven't released any song.' When they told me it was "You Got the Love", I said I'd never made a record called that. Then I got off the phone and realised - it was the one from the diet video! Which was never supposed to be put on a record at all".[3]

Critical acclaim[edit]

"You Got the Love" was chosen by the BBC as one of the top fifty singles of the 1990s as part of its "Pop on Trial" series.[4]


Year Single Peak positions
1986 "You Got the Love"
(featuring Candi Staton)
 –  –
1991 "You Got the Love"
(featuring Candi Staton)
4 [4]  –
1992 "Rock The House"
(featuring Nicole)
 –  –
1993 "Sanctuary Of Love"
(featuring Zhana)
 –  –
1997 "You Got the Love (Now Voyager Mix)" (Re-release)
(featuring Candi Staton)
3[4]  –
"Clouds" 38  –
2005 "You Got the Love" (Re-entry)
(featuring Candi Staton)
60  –
2006 "You Got the Love (New Voyager Mix)" (Re-release)
(featuring Candi Staton)
7 8


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