The Southern Star (County Cork)

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The Southern Star is a weekly regional newspaper based in Skibbereen, County Cork in Ireland and was established in 1889 as the Cork County Southern Star. It incorporated at that time The Skibbereen Eagle, founded in 1857, which became famous by declaring it was "keeping an eye on the Tsar of Russia" over his expansionist designs on China.[1]

One early editors of the Southern Star was D. D. Sheehan and it included amongst its shareholders General Michael Collins.[1]

Currently the Southern Star is the largest selling newspaper in Cork county, employing about 30 people and has a weekly circulation of over 50,000. It is privately owned by the O'Regan family, who reside in Skibbereen. Liam O'Regan edited the paper 1958 until his death on 2 January 2009.[2]


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