The Sparticle Mystery

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The Sparticle Mystery
Sparticle Mystery Title.png
Genre Children's
Teen Drama
Composer(s) Sheridan Tongue
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 2 (series 3 commissiond )
No. of episodes 23
Running time 28 minutes
Original channel CBBC
Original airing 14 February 2011 (2011-02-14)
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The Sparticle Mystery is a returning British science fiction television series written and created by Alison Hume and produced by Sparticles Productions [1] for CBBC. The series follows a group of ten children within modern Britain, where an experiment at a Large Hadron Collider-like facility, named the Sparticle Project, goes wrong, sending all persons aged 15 and over into a parallel dimension at exactly 11:11am. The children travel to the Sparticle Project in attempt to bring back the adults and re-align the two dimensions.

The series, which had a budget of £3 million, was filmed in and around Bristol,[2] with the final episode filmed at the ISIS neutron source particle accelerators, near Didcot. Series 2 has been extremely popular with over 2 million hits on BBC iPlayer to date.[3] In general, the series has received mixed to positive reception, with a score of 6.8 on IMDb.

The programme, which stars Annette Badland as Doomsday Dora/Holodora, has similar themes to both Lord of the Flies and the Gone series, and has many similarities to The Tribe; however, it is noted for its difference in that the children desire to bring back the adults. A second series of The Sparticle Mystery was filmed across Yorkshire in July- September 2012 for broadcast in 2013.[4] A Third Series has been confirmed. Filming will commence in July and end in late November 2014. The new series is set to air in late January 2015.


The Sparticle Mystery follows a group of 11 children left to fend for themselves within modern day earth after a science experiment at 'The Sparticle Project' goes wrong, resulting in all those of age 15 and over disappearing into a parallel universe, at precisely 11:11am.

Initially, the world becomes their exciting playground. With adults' rules, law and order all removed, the youngsters have great fun fulfilling many wishes, including raiding sweetshops etc. However, as the world's resources start to dwindle and daily survival gets harder, the youngsters resolve to bring the adults back by venturing to the top secret 'Sparticle Project'. They are aided in their quest by a number of clues left before the disappearance by a woman named 'Doomsday' Dora, a scientist who worked on the Sparticle Project. Along the way they have many adventures and learn important life skills.

Early in episode one we discover that in this 'post-disappearance' world, opportunistic gangs soon come to inhabit the streets. This prompts the lead male character Sadiq to usher his newly formed tribe to safety in the City Hotel. After discovering her Mum and older sister missing, a scientifically minded young girl called Kat takes charge of Liam, the small boy next door. They too try to gain entry to the City Hotel, but only Liam gets in, leaving Kat to initially fend for herself, before Sadiq caves in and allows her entry. One of the tribe, a young girl called Reese, soon starts to experience strange events, which eventually turn out to be the manifestation of her own latent psychic powers.

Kat and Reese quickly deduce that the Sparticle Project is behind the adults' disappearance. The 'Sparticles' tribe then split in two: the 'Ranchers', Tia and Jeffrey (who has Cerebral Palsy), who stay at City Hotel with the two younger kids, Liam and Frankie, and the 'Questers', (Sadiq, Kat, Jordan, Ami, Holly and Reese), who go in search of the Sparticle Project. Also featured is Callum, a tough streetwise young teen, whom at first appears to be the Sparticles' enemy. In the second series the team continue to bring back the adults. Also in season two,they questers have to travel to the Quantum Nexus.

Cast and crew[edit]

Top (left to right)-Holly, Ami, Liam, Bottom(left to right)-Reese, Kat, Sadiq, Tia, Frankie, Jordan, Jeffrey

The main characters within The Sparticle Mystery are all children of different ages and ethnic groups, many of whom were new to acting. Included in the main cast are: 16-year-old Megan Jones (from Sylvia Youngs) as Tia; 8-year-old Oliver Bell as Liam; Wesley Nelson (who has cerebral palsy, and previously starred in the film 'Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll' as Ian Dury) as Jeffrey; Karim Zeroual (also from Sylvia Youngs, and who previously starred in the West End musical 'The Lion King' as Young Simba) as Sadiq. Due to the age of the actors there are large changes in the cast between series. Given the premise of the show, the adult cast was minimal, but notable are Annette Badland as 'Doomsday' Dora, and Larissa Wilson as Anita.

Episode list[edit]

Series 1 (2011)[edit]

Series 2 (2013)[edit]


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