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The "Spirit of Truth" was a segment for a televangelist (under the pseudonym Reverend X - credited as Vincent Stewart) who appeared on a program entitled "One Man Show". The program was broadcast on Los Angeles-based Public-access television for five years during the late 1990s. A video of the program was uploaded to YouTube in 2006, and the televangelist's erratic behavior (including frequent swearing and uncontrollable dancing) led to him becoming an Internet phenomenon. Several more videos became available on the Internet over the following months. At present, many other previously unseen episodes are being added periodically.

Identity of the preacher[edit]

When the videos appeared on an episode of VH1's "Web Junk 20", he was identified as "Reverend X"; due to his unconfirmed identity, many people referred to both the show and the preacher as "The Spirit of Truth." The identity of the preacher was revealed as Don Vincent on the July 27, 2006 edition of The Howard Stern Show.[1] In a July 31, 2006 interview with the Kidd Chris Radio Show, the preacher said his public-access show was taken off the air due to an incident in which he invited viewers to "look for some sin" and proceeded to drop his pants and expose his bare buttocks.[citation needed]

Video observations[edit]

The camera operator zooms in and out of the preacher's face multiple times, as Chroma key effects are used for the production. In some shots, his head is at the bottom right hand side of the screen. In one video, the preacher is seen standing in front of a still image of Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park, whilst clutching a Bible. In another video, he is seen shirtless, sitting and standing in front of a still image of himself, reading rhymed verses from a much smaller book, consisting of what he calls 'my scripture'. In a later video he again appears in front of an image of himself in the background standing in a crane position. He holds a cane in some of the video clips, though having no apparent trouble walking or dancing. At one point, a listener jokingly calls in and says that the large book of scriptures he is holding 'looks like the Yellow Pages'.

Music featured in the videos[edit]

The videos feature several songs that play as the preacher speaks. These songs include:

Cultural impact[edit]

On April 4, 2006, the Florida-based radio program The Hideout played a portion of The Spirit of Truth, with commentary from hosts El Jefe and JDubs.[2] On the June 9, 2006 edition of "Web Junk 20", a video of the preacher was ranked #3. Radio station WRIF in Detroit mentioned the preacher on its "Drew & Mike" morning program and on its website, as well as KLLI's "Russ Martin Show" in Dallas.[3] On September 8, 2006, Frank Kramer from the Frosty, Heidi & Frank Show played the audio from the first Spirit of Truth video. He now occasionally plays Spirit of Truth saying "Stupid bitch". The All Out Show, featured on Sirius' Shade 45, uses a truncated version of one of the Spirit of Truth's rants, which covers him saying "I don't give a fuck what you think, bitch", and immediately runs into "Cut that bitch off, next caller." Rapper Sean Price (formerly known as Ruck, of the duo Heltah Skeltah) used several audio clips from the first Spirit of Truth video as interludes on his 2007 release, Jesus Price Supastar. Author Tariq Nasheed uses several clips from The Spirit of Truth on his Mack Lessons Radio.

On May 18, 2007, Don Vincent appeared on Kidd Chris Show on Philadelphia's WYSP. On the program, he confirmed that he had all of the videos from his "One Man Show" days, which spanned five years. The hosts asked if he planned on releasing them on DVD. Vincent said that there were plans in place to do so through his new production staff "Thee Production", although an exact date was not provided. Vincent also mentioned that he was currently in talks with cable network Black Entertainment Television and VH-1's "Web Junk 20" for future projects. In addition, he will explain the reason for his brash treatment of callers in an upcoming book.

Don Vincent appeared as a guest on the Comedy Central show Tosh.0 for the "Web Redemption" segment, August 18, 2010.[4]

Don Vincent is credited with coining and making popular the phrase "who da fuck iz you doe?"[dubious ] creator, animator and contributor Korey Coleman named the email section of the podcast "Let's Do This", to a quote by Rev X which is "F your thoughts". Mr.Coleman has gone over the fact many times in his show and outside.[5]

Hip-hop artist Earl Sweatshirt sampled a portion of the segment in his song "Burgundy" on the 2013 album Doris.

Also in the Summer of 2013, "The Spirit of Truth" was featured on truTV's World's Dumbest TV Shows.[6]

Social Media[edit]


On August 31, 2010, Vincent emerged on YouTube with a new channel under the user name Tapper7765. In a series of cryptic and somewhat incoherent videos recorded and uploaded via an Android mobile phone, Vincent took on the new pseudonym of "Bishop Nigga." As of May 18, 2012, the channel contained 863 videos of Vincent. Due to violations of community guidelines, YouTube terminated the account on May 25, 2012.

On May 28, 2012, he created a new channel under the username RevXism. In the videos posted on this new channel, Vincent speaks with a Caribbean or African accent and repeatedly refers to himself as "Kimba." His proposed reason for the change is that the "old RevX" was "too hot for YouTube" and had to be "put on ice." On June 20, 2013, YouTube terminated this channel, as well. As of June 23, 2013, new videos are available under REXRevX.


On January 6, 2011, Vincent posted his first tweet. He has been active on Twitter ever since, engaging with others in a somewhat incoherent, yet provocative manner. He can be found under the username dDonVincent.

As of September 1, 2012, he has been active under the username W3ABOVEALL. On November 18, 2012, he started posting under kangonestep. He also had accounts under CALLMEKIMBA and KALLMEKIMBA (banned).

On August 19, 2013, he changed his username again to GzooluDon.

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