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The Sports List is a television news show in which Summer Sanders counted down top ten lists of various sports topics. The show premiered August 1, 2004 on Fox Sports Net (FSN) and the last episode aired September 7, 2004. Summer Sanders would start off the show by explaining the topic and then would count up the list from ten to one. During each segment on the show there were celebrities or sports analysts giving their input on each list item. Some topics included: Best Athletes Without Rings, The Best Shortstops, and The Most Hated People In Sports. The show still airs occasionally in reruns on FSN.

The Sports List topics[edit]

Ice hockey[edit]

  • The Greatest Hockey Players of All-Time
  • Greatest Slap Shots ever


  • The Greatest Quarterbacks of the 1980s Joe Montana
  • The Greatest Quarterbacks of the 1990s Steve Young, Troy Aikman
  • The Greatest Wide Receivers of All-Time Jerry Rice
  • The Greatest Running Backs of All-Time Jim Brown
  • The Toughest Football Players of All-Time Jack Lambert
  • The Greatest Linebackers of All-Time Lawrence Taylor


  • The Greatest Buzzer Beaters
  • The Greatest Dynamic Duos
  • The Greatest Sports Dynasties
  • The Craziest Athletes
  • The Greatest Pro-Rivalries of All-Time
  • The Greatest Individual Streaks
  • The Greatest Individual Comebacks
  • Bizarre Moments
  • Shocking Upsets
  • Greatest Out of Shape Athletes
  • Best Athletes Without a Ring
  • Athletes Who Hung On Too Long
  • Most Hated People in Sports
  • Broadcasters
  • Funny moments
  • Greatest Flukes of All-Time
  • Sexiest Athletes (Summer Sanders was an "Honorable Mention" on the show and blushed when her name appeared.)
  • Unbreakable Records
  • Best Clutch Athletes
  • Greatest Sports Heroes

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