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For the Canadian television channel, see The Sports Network.

Based in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, The Sports Network is a wire service providing sports information in real time.[1] Their Web site claims that they are "the largest privately owned international sports information service in North America and possibly the world".[2] The Sports Network is especially noted for its coverage of the NCAA's Football Championship Subdivision in college football; it presents that group's five major end-of-season awards—the Walter Payton Award for the top offensive player, the Buck Buchanan Award for the top defensive player, the Jerry Rice Award for the top freshman, the Mickey Charles Award for the top student-athlete, and the Eddie Robinson Award for the top coach.[3] It serves a list of clients that include Viacom, Yahoo, and the Canadian television channel The Sports Network,[4] and is a partner with United Press International.[5]


The Sports Network sued Disney in May 2004 over Disney-owned ESPN's illicit usage of Minor League Baseball data and statistics.[6] Both sides settled in January 2005.[7][8]

Site attack[edit]

In April 2008, The Sports Network's online services were shut down by PRC hackers.[9]


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