The State Prison in Vridsløselille

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The prison in 2004

The State Prison in Vridsløselille is a prison located in Albertslund in the suburbs of Copenhagen in Denmark.

The prison is used for the enforcement of imprisonment and execution of arrests and has a total of 241 inmates. The State Prison in Vridsløselille only receives men over age of 23 years from across Zealand[citation needed] to be placed in a closed prison facility. There are no female inmates at The State Prison in Vridsløselille.

The story of The State Prison in Vridsløselille[edit]

In 1859 the small jail in Vridsløselille was improved to use the "Philadelphia System". This system involved a total isolation of prisoners around the clock with the aim that they should have time and opportunity to repent their sins and reconcile themselves with God.

All time was spent in jail cell - both work and free time. If a prisoner should move outside his cell, he had to wear a mask that protected themself from being recognized by the other prisoners. This method was maintained until 1924, after which it was optional whether a prisoner would like to wear masks or not.

Any conversation or contact between the prisoners was not allowed. At the prison school and church the prisoners were placed in small bays, so they could see the teachers or the priest - but not each other.

The isolation principle was maintained well into the 1900s at The State Prison in Vridsløselille.

Olsen Banden[edit]

Street name

The State Prison in Vridsløselille is known through Erik Balling's movies about the Olsen Gang (Danish: Olsen Banden). In almost all the movies it begins and ends in front of the prison's main entrance.

When the actor behind the series' protagonist, Ove Sprogøe, died in September 2004 people began talking about whether the road (then Fængselsvej/Prison Road) between Roskildevej and the prison should be renamed after Ove Sprogøe's famous character from the movies. After some debate back and forth the name was changed to Egon Olsen Road (Danish: Egon Olsen Vej) by the Municipality of Albertslund. On 21 December the name was officially put in use by the public.

Prison escapes[edit]

In the night of 12 to 13 December the 40-year-old Danish Brian Bo Larsen escaped from the prison, making it his 20th prison escape. He fled through the window, after having sawed the bars. After reaching the roof of the prison by climbing a rope from his window, he used a second rope to leave the confines of the prison.[1]


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