The State Prison of East Jutland

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State Prison of East Jutland (Danish: Statsfængslet Østjylland) is a Danish prison located at Enner Mark, west of the city of Horsens, and inaugurated on 2 October 2006. The prison replaced the old Horsens Statsfængsel Prison, from which the last prisoners were removed in November 2006. It is the first new Danish prison since The State Prison in Ringe, which was opened thirty years earlier.


The prison has space for nearly 230 inmates, who are separated into five divisions according to their level of risk. Four of the divisions are identical, each containing 24 cells providing space for 48 inmates. The fifth division is used for isolation, and is also used to house higher risk inmates. This division also houses the prison's medical department.

The East Jutland prison is very modern in terms of both security and design. Security measures include fingerprint readers instead of keys, high walls, and two long fences. All outdoor areas are video monitored, and there are also motion sensors and infrared cameras throughout the prison.

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