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The Stony Brook Press
The Stony Brook Press.png
Type Collegiate newspaper
Format Print, Online
Editor Ian Schafer
Founded 1979
Headquarters Stony Brook, New York
Official website

The Stony Brook Press is a student-run news and feature publication at the Stony Brook University published fortnightly.

Founded in 1979, the Press was created as an alternative to the The Statesman (Stony Brook).

In its early days, the Press featured exclusive interviews with political figures including Amiri Baraka, Abbie Hoffman, Ralph Nader, and Al D'Amato. The paper currently has a blend of journalism, alternative thinking, satire and features.

In October 2011, the Press announced a merger with rival campus publication Think Magazine. Both publications merged under the Press name later that month, with the Think Magazine members integrating into roles as Press staff.[1]

In the news[edit]

  • November 1998: SUNY Trustee Candace de Russy publicly condemned a Press cover which depicted her as a dominatrix, and an editorial critical of her opposition to a women's studies conference held at SUNY New Paltz. The New York Post sided with the trustee in an editorial, and local and national media covered the fracas.
  • February 14, 2001: Three Secret Service agents detained and questioned managing editor Glenn Given over a satirical editorial he wrote in which he asked God to "smite" President George W. Bush.[1]

Notable alumni[edit]


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