The Story of Perrine

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The Story of Perrine
Sin familia.JPG
Screenshot of the opening logo of Perrine Monogatari, produced by Nippon Animation
(Perinne Monogatari)
Genre Adventure, historical, Drama
Anime television series
Directed by Hiroshi Saitô (1-29)
Shigeo Koshi (30-53)
Studio Nippon Animation
Network Fuji TV
Original run January 1, 1978December 31, 1978
Episodes 53 (List of episodes)
Anime film
The Story of Perrine: The Movie
Released 1990
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The Story of Perrine (ペリーヌ物語 Perīnu Monogatari?, lit. "Story of Perrine") is a Japanese anime series by Nippon Animation.[1] It is the fourth production in the World Masterpiece Theater series. It is based on the French novel, En Famille by Hector Malot. The original aired from January 1, 1978 until December 31, 1978, spanning 53 episodes.

En Famille[edit]

The anime is based on the novel En Famille by Hector Malot, which is also translated as Nobody's Girl. Another work by the author, Sans Famille, has a very similar story. That work was used as the basis of two separate anime series: Nobody's Boy: Remi and Remi, Nobody's Girl. The latter should not be confused with The Story of Perrine.


Perrine (known as "Peline Paindavoine" in French) is the daughter of a French father and a half-Indian mother. Her father dies along their trip. Before dying, her father asks his wife and Perrine to return to his hometown Maraucourt. Perrine and her mother run a travelling photo studio as they continue their journey. However, her mother subsequently dies in Paris, leaving Perrine alone. Following her last words, Perrine arrives in Maraucourt after an arduous journey. The first time she meets her grandfather Mr. Paindavoine she finds that he is very stern and absolutely despises her mother. As a result, Perrine hides her real identity and uses a false name to work in her grandfather's cotton factory. At the outset, she pushed a hand cart. Later, she worked in English-language translation. That work got her recognized by Mr. Paindavoine, who asked that she become his secretary.

She became very sad upon finding out that her father and grandfather were on terrible terms. Her grandfather had expelled her father due to his marriage to her mother. Nonetheless, Perrine loved her grandfather and did her best in terms of her work. Mr. Paindavoine soon softened his heart with regard to Perrine. At the end, Perrine finally admitted her true identity to him.


Since its animation style was unsophisticated, the production was considered as a mediocre. But near the end of the production, it became one of the most highly regarded pieces within World Masterpiece Theater.[citation needed]


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