The Student School

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The Student School
160 Glendonwynne Ave
Toronto, Ontario, M6P 0A5, Canada
Superintendent Curtis Ennis
Area trustee Robin Pilkey
Principal Virginia Pang
School type High school
Grades 11-12
Language English
Area High Park North
Founded 1979
Enrollment 111 (2014-2015)

The Student School is an alternative high school in the Toronto District School Board founded in 1979. It has approximately 160 students and generally offers 11th and 12th grade academic courses. It is in the same building as Western Technical-Commercial School and Ursula Franklin Academy.

The Student School allows students to vote on significant school policies and actions taken on by the school community in bi-weekly general assemblies. Notably, students and teachers alike receive one vote. Furthermore, students are encouraged to take an active role in community and global politics through various committees and organizations present at school. It is based loosely on principles of participatory democracy. The school also has a unique absence system, where students are not penalized for absences until the fifteenth one, at which point they must appeal to a teacher council in order to receive course credit. It is well known for its support of social justice causes and boycotts—as well as a yearly auction that works as a fundraiser for women living in shelters over the holiday season. The school is home to a community-run garden, a kitchen collective that provides subsidized lunches and free breakfasts to students, and a number of student-run associations.

The School has a number of unique course offerings that correspond to various standard course codes recognized by the Toronto District School Board, for example, "a history of imperialism and protest," "women and gender studies," or "alternative economic models."

Much like several other alternative schools, teachers are on a first name basis with students.

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