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The Stupids are a Hardcore punk band created by Tom Withers.


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Formed in Ipswich, England in the 1980s,[1] The Stupids recorded three sessions for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show in the 1980s, and toured the United States (with Ludichrist) and Australia (the Hard-Ons) as well as Europe the United Kingdom and most recently Japan. The primary Stupids' releases are:


  • Violent Nun 7" EP (Children of The Revolution Records - 1985)
  • Eat 12" EP (As Frankfurter) (Vinyl Solution - 1987)
  • Mail Order Only 7" EP (Vinyl Solution - 1987)
  • The Peel Sessions 7"/12" EP (Strange Fruit - 1988)
  • No Cheese! (The High-Way To Hell Tour Souvenir) 10" EP (Split Tour EP With The Hard-Ons) (Vinyl Solution/Waterfront Records - 1989)
  • Wipe Out 7" EP (A PBJ Production - 1989)
  • Feel The Suck 7" (Boss Tuneage - 2008)
  • Japanese Vacation EP (Waterslide Records/Boss Tuneage - 2011)
  • Demonstration Tape '89 7" EP (Alona's Dream - 2013)


  • Peruvian Vacation album (Children of The Revolution Records - 1985)
  • Retard Picnic album (Children of The Revolution Records - 1986)
  • Van Stupid mini-album (Vinyl Solution - 1987)
  • Jesus Meets The Stupids album (Vinyl Solution - 1988)
  • The Kids Don't Like It album (Boss Tuneage - 2009)

In addition to the above, the band have since featured on various CD re-issues, compilation albums (e.g. Sounds and the U.S. skate magazine, Thrasher), collector's singles and BBC session releases released by Strange Fruit.

A live video tape, Drive-In Hit Movie, was released shortly after the band broke up in 1989.

In June 2008, Boss Tuneage released a comprehensive reissues series of the Stupids, co-ordinating six CD and LP reissues of their entire back catalogue; four for release on the Boss Tuneage Retro Series imprint, the other two on Visible Noise.

In 2009 The Stupids released their first studio album for 20 years "The Kids Don't Like it" on Boss Tuneage.

2011 saw the release of "Japanese Vacation" on Waterslide records, Boss Tuneange's sister label to coincide with a tour of Japan. They have had to cancel their 2012 Euro tour because Tom has broken his leg.


  • Tommy Stupid - drums/vocals/guitars
  • Wolfie Retard - bass/vocals
  • Marty Tuff - guitar
  • Ed Shred - guitar/vocals/bass
  • Gizz Butt - guitar
  • Steve Snax - bass
  • Pauly Pizza - bass
  • Rossi O'Schmitt - bass (2006–2012)

with guest spots from:

  • Stuey Q - bass
  • Mitch - guitar
  • Bobby Justice - vocals
  • Dave Ross - vocals
  • Chris Shary - vocals
  • Ziggy - drums


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