The Sum Of All Thrills

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The Sum Of All Thrills
Area Innoventions
Status Operating
Opening date October 14, 2009
General statistics
Attraction type Virtual roller coaster
Manufacturer KUKA
Designer Walt Disney Imagineering, Raytheon
Riders per vehicle 2
Rows 1
Riders per row 2
Duration 1:30
Height restriction 48 in (122 cm)
Sponsor Raytheon (2009 - present)
To create a ride that goes upside down 54 inches

The Sum of All Thrills is an attraction at Epcot. Sponsored by Raytheon, the ride lets park guests custom-design their own thrill ride using mathematical tools, an innovative touch-screen table and a robotic simulator.

It opened to the public on October 14, 2009 as the first ride to be located within INNOVENTIONS at Epcot.

Guests design a thrill ride using an interactive touch screen that lets them determine height and speed while adding features such as dips and corkscrew turns. Once "built", guests climb aboard their customized design in the 4-D robotic simulator that uses sight, sound and movement to give them a realistic experience.

Ride overview[edit]

The first-ever Innoventions ride at Epcot Theme Park, The Sum of all Thrills, presented by Raytheon, is a simulated thrill ride that counts on your creativity and brain power. You innovate and then experience the creation in a state-of-the-art robotic simulator. How it works is simple. Three vehicle choices appear at each design station: a roller coaster, bobsled or jet. Using a multi-touch, object recognition table, you use tools such as rulers and speed dials to design a ride. Corkscrews, inversions and steep hills are recommended.

After designing, the information is saved on a special card. The card is then swiped at a “launch station” and your creative work is instantly uploaded to the simulator. Next, you enter the simulator’s seating chamber where a 3-D video hood is placed over your head and upper torso. Now, the fun begins — twists and turns come alive in first-person point of view.

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