The Sun (Rangoon)

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The Sun
သူရိယ သတင်းစာ
Type Daily newspaper
Publisher Ba Pe
Founded 4 July 1911
Language Burmese
Ceased publication 14 October 1954
Headquarters Yangon

The Sun (Burmese: သူရိယ သတင်းစာ; pronounced: [θùɹḭja̰ ðədɪ́ɴzà]) was a Burmese language newspaper published in Burma (Myanmar). "Thuriya" is a Burmanized form of Suriya, "sun" in Pali. Burmese nationalists began publishing the newspaper on 4 July 1911, during which The Sun was published thrice a week. In March 1915, due to its rising popularity, it became a daily, and was published until 14 October 1954. Its headquarters were in Yangon.

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