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The Super Mario Challenge was a show which aired on The Children's Channel. It ran from September to December 20, 1991, and aired at 4:30 PM every weekday as well, along with every afternoon.


The presenter, John Lenahan, was a look-alike of Mario, and dressed in his clothes. Two guest players had to do tasks, all of which involved playing the Mario video games Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3. Rounds included challenges to see which player could complete a level in the fastest time and who could collect the most coins on a certain level. Winners of each round would receive one to three "gold coins," and whoever held the most at the end of the show would advance to the next stage of the competition. If both contestants had an equal number of gold coins, a single-level sudden death playoff decided who would go through.


The show was dropped in 1991, quite a while before The Children's Channel's rebranding to TCC. This is evident in Link Anchor Man receiving several letters asking if the show would be repeated, which it never was.

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