The Superior Spider-Man

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The Superior Spider-Man
Cover of The Superior Spider-Man #1 (January 2013). Art by Ryan Stegman.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Schedule Biweekly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date January 2013 – August 2014
Number of issues 33
Creative team
Writer(s) Dan Slott
Artist(s) Ryan Stegman
Humberto Ramos
Giuseppe Camuncoli
Creator(s) Dan Slott
Ryan Stegman

The Superior Spider-Man is a superhero comic book series that was published by Marvel Comics that debuted in January 2013 as part of the Marvel NOW! event.[1] The series was written by Dan Slott with artwork by Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos, and Giuseppe Camuncoli. It features a reformed Otto Octavius who has taken over Peter Parker's body, and, having allowed Peter to die in Octavius' body but being affected by Peter's memories, is determined to be a better Spider-Man than Peter ever was, and a better man than Otto Octavius. The title replaced the long running series The Amazing Spider-Man, after the conclusion of the "Dying Wish" storyline, as the core Spider-Man book. The series ended with issue 31, which determined the fate of Otto Octavius' mind, and was followed by the next volume of The Amazing Spider-Man, in which Peter Parker has regained his body and the Spider-Man mantle.

In May 2014, it was announced that the series would return for two additional issues (32 and 33) that fill a gap left by an earlier storyline, as well as lead into the "Spider-Verse" storyline. They were released in August 2014.[2]

Publication history[edit]

Marvel Comics first teased the announcement of The Superior Spider-Man in September 2012 by releasing an image of the word Superior without the creative team.[3] A short time before the NYCC 2012 Marvel released a new Superior teaser, this time with the creative team of Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli.[4] A week later a new Spider-Man centric title was announced called The Superior Spider-Man.[5]


"My Own Worst Enemy" (issues #1–5)[edit]

After the death of Peter Parker at the climax of the "Dying Wish" storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #700, Doctor Octopus has implanted his mind into Peter Parker's body, determined to prove himself the "Superior" Spider-Man by being both a better superhero and person than Parker ever could be. Octavius earns public acclaim when he defeats the Sinister Six. Unbeknownst to Otto, he is subconsciously held back by Parker's consciousness which still exists within his body, buried underneath Octavius's own, intent on stopping the villain and reclaiming his life. Peter proves unable to influence Octavius in any more than the slightest of ways. Otto inadvertently causes himself to share Peter's genuine love for Mary Jane Watson, and so pushes her away for her own safety.[6]

When his old Sinister Six teammate Vulture resurfaces, Octavius attempts to convince his old friend to give up crime. Upon the discovery that Vulture employs children as henchmen Otto brutally takes the Vulture down, blinding him in the process. Vulture's remaining henchmen are taken in by the Green Goblin.[7] With his merciless reputation growing, Octavius focuses on increased efficiency, developing thousands of "Spider-Bots" that patrol the city for him while returning to college as Parker to complete his doctorate, in turn growing close to his tutor Anna Maria Marconi.[8] Otto locates escaped killer Massacre, whom he then executes publicly.[9]

"A Troubled Mind" (issues #6–10)[edit]

His decision to execute Massacre sits ill with his teammates in the Avengers and they bring him in for questioning after a brutal beating of pranksters Jester and Screwball.[10] The Avengers' tests fail to expose Octavius's mind-swap.[11] Otto uses a brain scanner to treat a young girl's brain injury, then uses the device on himself to discover Parker's presence within his mind.[12] A mental battle ensues between himself and Parker. Octavius defeats Parker, then seemingly eliminates Peter by erasing Peter's memories.[13]

Police Captain Yuri Watanabe questions the officers present during the Massacre killing. An autopsy reveals Massacre was unable to fire a gun and was shot point blank, confirming Yuri's suspicions. The Green Goblin hacks the Spider-Bots tech to allow his followers to bypass detection. Former Vulture henchmen torch Mary Jane's nightclub in revenge for an earlier failed attempt. Mary Jane believes Peter will come to rescue her, but is saved by local firemen. Otto becomes closer with Anna Maria Marconi. The Green Goblin declares himself the Goblin "King", as his army grows.[14]

"No Escape" (issues #11–16)[edit]

Spider-Man is asked to supervise the execution of Alistair Smythe. As the execution begins, mini Spider-Slayers allow Smythe to attempt escape. Jameson tells Spider-Man to ensure that Smythe dies by any means necessary. Otto fatally stabs Smythe. Smythe attempts to transfer his mind into Spider-Man, but Otto also planned for this possibility. Later, Spider-Man uses a recording of Jameson's kill-order to blackmail Jameson. Otto then assaults Shadowland, the domain of Kingpin. Kingpin flees. The Green Goblin's soldiers rejoice in the fact their boss now owns over half of New York's organized crime.[15] Tiberius Stone sabotages the Hobgoblin, ruining him. Spider-Man publicly reveals Phil Urich as Hobgoblin. Phil realizes that he has nowhere to run.[16] Spider-Man arrives at the Daily Bugle and defeats Urich. Phil Urich is later freed by Menace and brought to Green Goblin.[17]

"Necessary Evil" (issues #17–21)[edit]

In the year 2099, Miguel O'Hara is surprised by the appearance of dinosaurs and World War I biplanes. He tracks the source to Alchemax Tower. They send Spider-Man 2099 back to stop it. In the present, U.S. government agents arrest Max Modell. Horizon's new majority shareholder Liz Allan (Harry Osborn's ex-wife) and owner of "Allan Chemical", announces Tiberius Stone as the new supervisor. Otto prepares to attack Stone, but is stopped by Spider-Man 2099.[18] Spider-Man 2099 takes Tiberius Stone into custody. Grady crosses the Time Gate to the day of the Alpha Incident, and witnesses Tiberius sabotaging the machine. Grady returns, only to find they are surrounded by explosive time-energy.[19] Otto tries to access Peter's memories, trying to stop the explosion. Otto's efforts to access Peter's memories causes Peter's consciousness to begin re-emerging. Spider-Man 2099 and Tiberius escape in the nick of time. Tyler Stone destroys his time machine, stranding Spider-Man 2099. The Horizon team, minus Uatu Jackson and Sajani Jaffrey, leave New York. Meanwhile, Carlie discovers that Spider-Man's funds comes from a secret account of Otto Octavius.[20] Later, Spider-Man heads for a date with Anna Maria Marconi only to bump into the Black Cat. Spider-Man punches her; Felicia swears revenge. Peter/Otto signs the paperwork to start Peter/Otto's new business endeavor. At ESU, Professor Lamaze accuses Peter of plagiarism—of Otto Octavius! Angelina Brancale again becomes Stunner.[21] Stunner attacks Spider-Man as soon as he arrives at the Bugle. Carlie Cooper is kidnapped by Menace. Spider-Man stops a bus from crushing Anna Marie and Lamaze. As Stunner thrashes him, the spider-bots shut down her interface. When she awakes she is shocked to see Doctor Octopus as she once knew him. Otto tells Angelina that he is not dead but has moved on. The next day Lamaze drops his accusations against "Peter". Menace brings Carlie to the Goblin King; now the Goblin King knows the truth about Doctor Octopus' mind occupying Spider-Man's body.[22]

"Darkest Hours" (issues #22–26)[edit]

Flash Thompson (AKA Agent Venom) comes to New York. Otto has earned his doctorate and has created Parker Industries. Venom is fighting what appears to be the Crime Master, but it is revealed that the man under the mask is a Maggia operative who had bought the Crime Master identity from the Hobgoblin. Spider-Man then attacks Venom.[23] Venom distracts him long enough to escape.

At the Goblin underground, the Goblin King interrogates Carlie Cooper about Spider-Man's true identity, but she refuses to reply. Otto and Anna Maria get a visit from Flash, who asks if he can stay for a while: Otto sees this as an opportunity to destroy the symbiote. Later, "Peter's" family and Flash gather for brunch, but tension rises when Aunt May asks rude questions about Anna Maria's condition. Flash tries to leave, but "Peter" demands he stays only to reveal that after the success of Aunt May's leg surgery, he's ready to step up into full artificial limbs and wants Flash to be his first subject. Flash is set up for the treatment, but Dr. Wirtham worries about some last minute add-ups into the procedure. "Peter" tries to calm Flash and leaves with the excuse of calling in a specialist. But in reality, Otto changes into Spider-Man, who uses a sonic blaster to drive out the Venom symbiote. The symbiote breaks out of the containment cell in which he was trapped. It bonds with Spider-Man, transforming him into the Superior Venom.[24]

Back at Parker Industries, Sajani discovers that Flash's body depends on the symbiote to survive. Across the city, Superior Venom is targeting anyone in the act of a crime, however trivial. When he receives a call from Anna Maria, he rushes home. Anna is worried that she hurt the relationship between "Peter" and Aunt May. Enraged, Otto vows to talk to May. In the Goblin Underground, the Goblin King sprays the Goblin Formula on Carlie Cooper. Meanwhile, Mary Jane leaves a message for Carlie. Otto flies into a rage at Aunt May, but Mary Jane bursts in and drags Otto away. In response he summons the symbiote, to Mary Jane's horror. Mary Jane tells the Avengers that Spider Man has been taken over by the symbiote.[25]

The Avengers attack the Venom-possessed Spider-Man. At the Goblin Underground, Carlie is dubbed "Monster" by the Goblin King, who asks her once again for Spider-Man's identity. Monster refuses to answer until she first knows who is behind the Goblin King mask. Goblin replies that he's Norman Osborn, but Monster remains skeptical. Her first mission is to attack Kingsley's minions. The Avengers battle Superior Venom and the Spiderlings, making Cap call for reinforcements. The people of New York watch the battle unfold on screens, and rebel against the Spider-Bots by smashing them. The Goblin girls attack Kingsley's men. Steeplejack ends up shooting Monster only to be viciously attacked by her in response, earning her place in the Goblin family. Tony Stark arrives at the symbiote battle, to allow Flash (who was wearing Tony's armor) to try to retake the symbiote. Otto realizes his mistake and tries to cast it out, but cannot until he receives unexpected assistance from a reformed Peter Parker. The symbiote reunites with Flash. Peter sees that Otto does not realize his return, and decides it is better to keep it that way. Otto excuses his behavior by claiming a symbiote fragment had been taking him over that caused his erratic behavior, but the Avengers are skeptical.

Mary Jane returns to her apartment finding "Peter" there. "Peter" uses the symbiote argument to explain his behavior and apologizes, which Mary Jane believes. Otto rejoices that he fooled everyone. The Avengers are still skeptical. They ask Flash to check his mind-link with the symbiote; Flash replies that he sees "two different radio stations playing in the same frequency". Spider-Woman mentions the tests they ran on him; Iron Man demands to see. But when he searches for those tests, he discovers that they have been erased by Spider-Man. This prompts Captain America to finally go after Spider-Man.[26]

Goblin King and Roderick Kingsley declare war on each other. Both sides battle it out until Goblin King calls a time out upon seeing how pointless and costly it is to wage war to each other when they can combine their armies into one to take down Spider-Man. Once the battle stops, the Goblin King proposes that only the leaders fight to the death with the winner taking all Goblin Henchmen under his control; the Goblin King beats and kills the Hobgoblin. Meanwhile, after they arrive at Stark Tower, the Avengers once again confront Spider-Man about the deletion of his medical scans. Spider-Man replies that it was to protect his secret identity to avoid another Civil War, but the Avengers do not buy his argument. Spider-Man snaps at them and quits the team.

Inside the Mindscape, Peter Parker's consciousness discovers that his world is now a large empty space, with only the very few key memories left from Peter that Otto already had accessed. He starts to have some self-doubt about how he can turn the situation around, but then he recalls that he's more than Peter Parker, he is Spider-Man. Declaring that Otto had made a big mistake in leaving the memories that define him, he vows to find a way to regain control of his body.

After the war is over, the Goblin Underground celebrates while Goblin Knight decides to check the Hobgoblin to see if it is indeed Kingsley, recalling that he thought he killed him only to discover it was his brother Daniel. After Urich takes off the dead Goblin's mask, he discovers that it was actually another imposter, so he decides to destroy the body to ensure the Goblin King's triumph. Meanwhile in Paris, it is revealed that the imposter was actually Roderick Kingsley's butler Claude, who was programmed to act and talk like him in order to distract his enemies. Roderick Kingsley decides to lay low once again working on his personal empire and raising a toast to the Goblin King conceding victory to him....for now.[27]

"Goblin Nation" (issues #27–31)[edit]

31 days later, following Goblin King's victory over Roderick Kingsley, New York is in the clutches of the Goblin Nation. The Superior Spider-Man (who has been wounded at an unknown point) thinks to himself how this could all have happened when he had eradicated organized crime in New York. He then heads to Brooklyn Bridge, realizing that all this was the machinations of the Goblin King. Elsewhere, Peter Parker's consciousness continues to explore the Mindscape for clues into reclaiming his body from Doctor Octopus, noting that only 31 pieces of his memories are left. Just then, he stumbles upon the memory of his fight with the Green Goblin at the George Washington Bridge (the same place where Gwen Stacy died as a result). He wonders why Doctor Octopus is probing into this, but then reminds himself that he has to focus. At the current state he's in, Peter Parker's consciousness cannot afford a rematch. He sees another memory where as Spider-Man, he is ensnared by Doctor Octopus' tentacles. Deciding to delve into Doctor Octopus' memories for a way out, he is overwhelmed by the amount of memories and struggles to hold on. He sees a bright light and witnesses the moment of Otto Octavius' birth. The scene shifts to Tribeca in Otto's apartment. He is tinkering with one of his Spider-Bots, wondering how the Goblin King managed to circumvent his technology. Anna Maria Marconi comes in with a plate of food and tells Otto that he has forgotten to have his meals again, to which Otto replies it's because he is helping Spider-Man. Anna tells Otto that he won't be helping Spider-Man if he himself is a hungry and tired destitute and Spider-Man should recognize that. Otto jumps at the word "recognize" and realizes that the facial recognition software inside the Spider-Bots was the cause. Otto attempts to contact Uatu Jackson about it, but Jackson hangs up on him. Anna brings Otto's attention to the TV, where Mayor J. Jonah Jameson is talking about Spider-Man. Mayor Jameson lies to the media that Spider-Man is considered a champion of justice, but then heads to Alchemax, believing that Spider-Man and the Goblin King are in cahoots and have to be eliminated. Tiberus Stone and Michael O'Mara then show Mayor Jameson his private Slayer Patrol. Jameson states that Spider-Man must know that he will die by his hand. Otto decides to visit Uatu Jackson personally as Spider-Man and they confirm that their technology has been hacked. Afterwards, Officer Yuri Watanabe is seen at Parker Industries demanding from Sajani the location of Otto. She states that she and her officers will be camping out until he shows up. The Superior Spider-Man manages to trace the location of the Goblin King in the underground and grudgingly admits to himself that he is impressed by how the Goblin King managed to pull it off. Suddenly, his Spider-Sense goes off and the Superior Spider-Man is greeted by the Goblin King. The Goblin King tells his subordinates to back off while he and the Superior Spider-Man have a chat. He reveals that he knew Spider-Man was Otto through Carlie Cooper's journal, shocking the Superior Spider-Man. He continues to talk and offers the Superior Spider-Man a partnership to rule New York as his second in command. The Superior Spider-Man angrily denies it and declares he will free the city from his grasp. The Goblin King laughs and attempts to zap the Superior Spider-Man only to realize it was a hologram. The Superior Spider-Man tells the Goblin King that he has been at it for longer than him to which the Goblin King decides to commence an assault on Spider-Island II. At Goblin King's command, Spider-Island II is immediately bombarded with missiles.[28]

As the destruction of Spider-Island II continues, the Superior Spider-Man wonders how the Goblin Army got through his security grid. The situation gets more dire and the Superior Spider-Man is forced to order a strategic retreat while he rides Living Brain out to sea. In an attempt to evade pursuit, he orders Living Brain to go underwater. Elsewhere in the Mindscape, Peter Parker's conscious is struggling to fight back against the deluge of Doctor Octopus' memories which threaten to overwhelm him at every turn. However, it eventually proves too much for Peter to handle and he convinces himself that he is Doctor Octopus. Back at the remains of Spider-Island II, the Goblin King debriefs his henchmen and declares that until Spider-Man is captured, no one will be safe. At Alchemax Tower, Mayor J. Jonah Jameson reveals the new Goblin Slayers in an attempt to combat the Goblin Threat. Back at Brooklyn, Mary Jane is watching the telecast of the reveal with Pedro. She is concerned that the Goblin Slayers used to be the Spider-Slayers when two Goblin Kids suddenly burst in through the window attempting to kidnap Mary Jane. Pedro fights them off while Mary Jane retrieves Peter's old web shooters and manages to immobilize the Goblin Kids with web fluid. She then moves to get the rest of Peter's relatives to safety stating that she is a wild card in this situation. At Parker Industries, Otto meets an infuriated Sajani who wants to know what he's been up to having been missing for a month. They argue when Wraith drops in demanding from Otto information about Carlie Cooper. Otto says he is telling the truth, but Wraith does not trust him when Monster swoops in and knocks Wraith out. Monster then talks with Otto and takes off her mask to reveal herself as Carlie which shocked Otto. The scene jumps back to New York where the Goblin King's henchmen burst into Aunt May's room only to find that she and J. Jonah Jameson Sr. have been taken away by Mary Jane to safety. Aunt May queries about Peter, and Mary Jane responds that Peter will be safe. Continuing from before, Otto deploys Living Brain to fight Monster while he and Sajani flee inside. He tells Sajani to split up wanting to direct Monster's attention to him. He succeeds and Otto fights Monster in a closed room. He lands a kick which breaks the earpiece on Monster and she informs him that because of this, the Goblin King would not be able to listen to them. She states that she needs Otto—or Peter's brains—to fix this situation and fix her as well before she loses control. Telling Otto to hurry, she says that Otto has no idea what the Goblin King has planned for him and this world. At ESU, Anna Maria is amongst several students seen listening to the news that the campus will be shut down in the wake of rising Goblin attacks. Just then, Menace in his guise of Lily Hollister approaches Anna under the pretext that Mary Jane sent her to get Anna out of the city. Oblivious to her true identity, Anna gets in the car.[29]

As the Goblin King hears the news about the Siege his army is causing and the downfall of Parker Industries, Menace arrives with Anna Maria in tow. The Goblin King expresses that with "Peter's (ex girlfriend)" seemingly dead, he might as well search for someone else Spider-Man cares about. Meanwhile, Alchemax members are discussing with Mayor Jameson in order to activate the Goblin Slayers since the Avengers and even outside vigilantes like Cardiac are way too busy dealing with the Goblin King's minions. Mayor Jameson argues that they must be activated once the Superior Spider-Man is out, since he ordered their creation to destroy him, but his assistant Glory Grant shows her disgust about Jonah's behavior and the fact that he's refusing to concede his late wife's dying wish in order to pursuit his vendetta against Spider-Man and promptly quits her job. Outside of the city, Mary Jane arrives in Connecticut with Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson Sr. and Ollie to keep them safe, but then she receives a phone call from "Peter" who warns her to stay safe. She replies that she already did that but when she tries to tell him about Aunt May's worriness, he brushes her off rudely. Otto tries to find a safe way to cure Carlie's condition while arguing with Sajani but then he's interrupted by the Goblin King who taunts him into a challenge. The Goblin King comments that he's upset that Otto stole his biggest prize: killing Spider-Man, so since he refused to become his lackey, he's taking everything away from him, and he does so by forcing him to witness through his goggles the destruction of his childhood house, the atomic laboratory where he suffered the accident that made him into Doctor Octopus, the Boneyard where most of his inventions are stored, the Mocha Cola Bottling Plant where he fended off Massacre's bombs and saved the hostages who are performing night shift, and the H.E.A.R.T. Clinic where he assisted Cardiac (who is busy dealing with some of the Goblin King's minions). The Superior Spider-Man shows a desire of vengeance after witnessing all that destruction, but the Goblin King taunts him that he's not over yet as he has one final card at ESU where he holds one of his schoolmates hostage, making Otto ask himself how Peter managed to handle himself in such a situation. In the Mindscape, what is left of Peter's consciousness has merged with Otto's memories, now reaching the point where he witnesses all the times he as Spider-Man has beaten Doctor Octopus, going as far to the day where he discovers he's dying and only has a few months left to live, activating his desire for his final vengeance against Spider-Man. Meanwhile, the Superior Spider-Man tries to reach ESU and calls Chief Pratchett to deal with the minor robberies, but the Chief refuses to assist him. Mayor Jameson orders Pratchett to send one of the Goblin Slayers to the robbery location and then head to chase Spider-Man, but Tyler discovers that his assistant Michael O'Mara has disappeared. Spider-Man arrives at ESU ready to confront the Goblin King, who reveals that his hostage is actually Don Lamaze, his teacher as "Peter" but also his former schoolmate as Otto. The Superior Spider-Man dismisses his plan as a joke, but the Goblin King replies that he still has another hostage. As the Superior Spider-Man launches to attack with his mechanical arms, the Goblin King reveals that he also hacked his arms, making them attack Otto but as the arms attack him, Lamaze jumps into one of them receiving the fatal stab. The Superior Spider-Man asks why he did it and Lamaze replies that he did it to repay him for saving his life when Stunner attacked, thanking him to make him see what a hero is. He cradles Lamaze in his arms as the latter dies. The Superior Spider-Man ponders on how he will track down the Goblin King but then he's confronted by a legion of Spider-Slayers with Mayor Jameson's face projected on the front faceplate. Mayor Jameson replies that he's done with being blackmailed by him and he doesn't care if he loses everything as long as he can finally bring down Spider-Man. The Superior Spider-Man tries to fight the Spider-Slayers, but discovers that they're far stronger than all the previous ones. Suddenly, the Spider-Slayers are deactivated remotely by Spider-Man 2099, who confronts the Superior Spider-Man about who he really is and the reasons behind his actions of late. Suddenly, the Spider-Slayers are reactivated to Spider-Man 2099's shock. The Goblin King's voice rings out declaring that he has taken control of the Spider-Slayers as well which grab both Spider-Men by their heads as the Goblin King comments that Norman Osborn now runs this city.[30]

The battle between the Spider-Men and the hijacked Spider-Slayers continues at ESU. When the Goblin King shows the Superior Spider-Man an image of Anna in captivity, the Superior Spider-Man snaps and vows to kill him. The Goblin King offers the Superior Spider-Man a free path out into the city, and Otto takes the bait, leaving Spider-Man 2099 stranded and cursing him for abandoning his comrade—something the real Spider-Man would never do. In City Hall, Mayor Jameson is coming under heavy fire for the fact that his Spider-Slayers have turned against the people. He tries to blame Alchemax, but his accusations are swiftly rebuked by Liz Allan who appears via video link. Liz then declares that Alchemax is severing all ties with Mayor Jameson. Normie Osborn suddenly comes in claiming to have misplaced something, but Liz politely waves him out while hiding a Goblin Mask behind her back. In the Mindscape, Peter continues to travel through Otto's memories up until the point where Otto's dying body forcibly shares his memories with Otto in Spider-Man's body. Peter then reaches out for his own memories, declaring that he will take everything back. Without allies, backup, and resources, the Superior Spider-Man is at a loss as to how to locate Anna. Just then, Menace appears and taunts the Superior Spider-Man into following her underground, making him believe that Anna is down there. When the Superior Spider-Man reaches, he discovers that it is Amy Chen that is being held captive, and about to be run over by a train driven by the Goblin King. Otto hesitates, fearing that he would be wounded and unable to go after Anna. This is when Peter resurfaces, and prompts Otto to grab Amy, leaping out of the way of danger. The threat averted, the Superior Spider-Man leaves Amy with a police officer before swinging back to Parker Industries. On the way, Otto admits that Peter is the true superior Spider-Man. Before Peter can reply, he is surprised at the Parker Industries building (due to having his name on it) as Otto tells him to hurry. Realizing that he has failed as a so-called "Superior Spider-Man," due to letting everything get worse. Otto proceeds to erase his consciousness and hand Peter back control of his body, while erasing Otto's own memories in order for Peter to avoid distraction and confusion, and entrusting the mission of saving Anna and New York to him. As Doctor Octopus' consciousness fades away, Peter Parker, now back in his body, puts on his red and blue suit and prepares for the final battle as the Amazing Spider-Man.[31]

The story starts with the Goblin King, holding Anna Maria hostage at the top of a skyscraper, forcing her to behold his "Goblin Nation" shaped in the havoc caused by his minions. After Peter returns from Otto's self-mind-purge, he bumps into Sajani who reveals that Carlie is being cured from the effects of the Goblin Formula, albeit in a slow process, but enough to keep her under control. Peter takes Carlie aside to talk with her, revealing he's back and asking her to bring him up to date with what happened during the Goblin King's rise to power. Once Peter heads out to defend the city from the Goblin Nation, he manages to call Aunt May to let her know he's okay. Meanwhile, Mayor Jameson shows his frustration for his personal downfall after the Spider Slayers' failure, but Tiberius Stone uses this as a chance to sell them as weapons to other nations. Peter returns to ESU to aid Spider-Man 2099 to fend off the remaining Spider Slayers. Spider-Man 2099 confronts Peter who reveals the mind-swap to him and asks for his help against the Goblin King. They stop at the streets to aid the Avengers, Cardiac, and Wraith in their fight against Goblin Knight who is taken down by Spider-Man. Captain America thanks Spider-Man even though he reminds him that he quit the team to Peter's shock. Spider-Man then tells Spider-Man 2099 that he managed to find the source of the Slayers' signal to OsCorp Tower. The Spider-Men reach the tower, prompting Spider-Man to ask why it is called Alchemax now. Spider-Man 2099 brings him up to date and then they're both confronted by Menace. Menace assaults Spider-Man 2099, but then Spider-Man takes Menace down by injecting the cure to her. Spider-Man then finds Normie Osborn in a "Goblin-esque" state of mind, saying this was all for him. Liz Allan and Tiberius Stone return to find the Spider-Men and Normie, prompting them to march into scape only for Tiberius to hold back Spider-Man by using his Spider-Sense Jammer. Spider-Man 2099 knocks Tiberius Stone down and Liz shuts off the Spider-Sense Jammer allowing Spidey to regain his Spider-Senses and take off for the battle while Spider-Man 2099 and the others evacuate. Spider-Man confronts the Goblin King who proceeds to taunt him only to be shocked when he hears Spider-Man's banter in return, making him realize that the real Spider-Man is back. As the Goblin King tries to escape, Spider-Man manages to fight him, while using the Goblin King's weapon to help Anna Maria escape, since he knows she can look out for herself. As Spider-Man gains the upper hand, he prepares to inject the cure to the Goblin King, but he manages to fend it off yet leaves himself open to allow Spider-Man to take off the Goblin King's mask, revealing the face of Mason Banks. He reveals that he is indeed Norman Osborn after waking up from his coma, but he had a plastic surgery to change his face and avoid suspicion, thus becoming Alchemax Executive Mason Banks, using the corporation to build an empire for his grandson. But in his speech, he tells Spider-Man that he shouldn't have him unmasked, but he reveals that he unmasked him in order to use Otto's Mini Spider-Bots loaded with the Goblin Cure to inject him taking advantage of his face not being recognized by the "Goblin Protocol". The Goblin Bombs explode, but Spider-Man manages to save both Anna Maria and Norman Osborn. As Spider-Man delivers Norman Osborn to the authorities, Liz Allan uses the Spider-Sense Jammer, allowing Norman Osborn to escape. Spider-Man 2099 confronts her, but Spider-Man calms him down and lets her go. Spider-Man decides to keep an eye on Liz and Normie, sensing something very off with them. In the underground, Norman Osborn escapes reflecting on how the Goblin Cure erased the effects of the Goblin Formula, but also healed him from his madness proclaiming that he won as he managed to secure an empire for his heir and that he will return with a vengeance worse than before, promising that "they'll never see him coming". As Spider-Man 2099 takes off bidding his farewell to Peter, he talks to Anna Maria, telling her that everything is OK, leaving him shocked at the sight of how much she loved "Peter" (while Otto was in control), making Peter realize his regret that in order for him to return, Doctor Octopus had to die.[32]

"Actions Have Consequences" (issue #31)[edit]

This bonus story takes place some time later after the battle. Once the authorities have the city back to normal, Mary Jane, Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson Sr. and Ollie return to the Parker Industries site, being received by Peter who apologizes for "his" rude behavior, telling them that he acknowledges that he endangered them by making his alliance with Spider-Man public. Peter Parker promises to make it up for all his mistakes, starting with a press announcement to end it officially. Then he talks with Mary Jane, revealing to her that it was Doctor Octopus controlling his body all these months. Mary Jane stops him, telling him that she knows this is not his fault but she can't let his dual life affect her anymore. She recognizes and admires the choices Peter has made in his life, but now she wants to build her own life, mostly thanks to her own successes like her nightclub and her new relationship with Ollie. As Peter leaves to talk to Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, Carlie talks with Mary Jane about all that transpired. While remembering the death of Gwen Stacy, they point out that even though Peter is a good person, being part of his life means being in constant danger and it is not wrong to step away and take care of their own responsibilities. As such, Carlie says goodbye, as she intends to head south to visit some friends until her condition is fully healed before moving to a less dangerous city to continue her work as a police forensic scientist. As Peter reflects that he does indeed bring pain to anyone close to him and all the people he's known have paid a price, he arrives at Mayor Jameson's office to confront him after what happened and returns the Spider-Bot that Otto used to record his order to execute Alistair Smythe. Jameson replies that he won't accept it since he won't believe whatever he says, being a monster who doesn't own up to the consequences of his actions and instead stomps on others. Peter replies that he won't expect him to believe, but says that he shouldn't fear him, and that he shouldn't take the blame for everything that the Green Goblin caused and that he should stay and fight. Once Peter leaves, he doesn't realize that Jameson had already resigned his post as mayor of New York City and leaves, promising that from now on "I do the kicking."[32]

"Edge of Spider-Verse" (issues #32–33)[edit]

During the period when Otto went missing in Horizon Labs, he is transported to the year 2099. He is attacked by the Public Eye, but is rescued by Gabe O'Hara. Otto settles into Miguel's old flat and programs an AI in the form of Anna Maria. He builds a machine to return to his present, but instead is taken to a series of parallel universes, all with a recently deceased Spider-Man. He sees a Spider-Man who was part of the Fantastic Four (now Five), one still reconciling with the Superhero Registration Act, and an armored Spider-Man, all killed by a being with a unique energy source. Otto realizes someone is killing each universe's Spider-Man and so travels to different universes. He eventually travels to a universe with an Indian Spider-Man who is under attack by the being killing all the different Spider-Men. Otto saves him and they escape back to 2099, where it is revealed that Otto has already recruited several other Spider-Men, including Spider-Monkey, Spider-Man Noir, Cold War Spidey (Old Man Logan), and Spider-Girl. He next finds and rescues a Spidey who left New York City and joined the Wolverine in Russia, and recruits him to join in the fight against the being hunting Spider-Men.


Two Superior Spider-Man annuals were published during the series' run. The first one was written by Christos Gage and drawn by Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez.[33] It involved Spider-Man tracking down Blackout after the latter kidnapped Aunt May.

The second annual was written by Christos Cage and drawn by Javier Rodriguez and focused on Phil Urich's relationship with his uncle, Ben Urich.[34]

In other media[edit]



Initially when it was announced that Marvel were killing off Peter Parker and his body would be taken over by Doctor Octopus fans of the series almost universally criticised the idea. However as the series progressed many online critics were won over by the fresh approach and intelligent writing as well as great story line and art work. Another thing fans enjoyed was the addition of new characters. [35]

Video games[edit]

  • The Superior Spider-Man appears in the video game Lego Marvel Super Heroes voiced by James Arnold Taylor. He appears as a separate playable character to Peter Parker's Spider-Man and his regular Doctor Octopus form. The costume for the Superior Spider-Man is his second costume with the mechanical spider-legs on the back of the costume and it can be unlocked by finding it in the hub.
  • The Superior Spider-Man is playable as an enhanced alternate costume for Spider-Man in Marvel Heroes.

Collected editions[edit]


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Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 3: No Escape Superior Spider-Man #11–16 December 2013 978-0785184720
Superior Spider-Man Vol. 4: Necessary Evil Superior Spider-Man #17–21 February 2014 978-0785184737
Superior Spider-Man Vol. 5: The Superior Venom Superior Spider-Man #22–26, Annual #1 April 2014 978-0785187967
Superior Spider-Man Vol. 6: Goblin Nation Superior Spider-Man #27–31, Annual #2 July 2014 978-0785187974
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