The Tall Men (film)

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The Tall Men
Directed by Raoul Walsh
Produced by William A. Bacher, William B. Hawks
Written by Heck Allen (novel) (as Clay Fisher),
Sydney Boehm (screenplay),
Frank S. Nugent (screenplay) (as Frank Nugent)
Starring Clark Gable,
Jane Russell,
Robert Ryan,
Cameron Mitchell
Music by Victor Young
Cinematography Leo Tover
Edited by Louis R. Loeffler
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s)
  • October 5, 1955 (1955-10-05)
Running time 122 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $3,115,000[1]
Box office $6 million (US/ Canada rentals)[2]

The Tall Men is a 1955 American western film directed by Raoul Walsh and starring Clark Gable, Jane Russell, and Robert Ryan.

The 20th Century Fox film was produced by William A. Bacher and William B. Hawks. Sydney Boehm and Frank S. Nugent wrote the screenplay, based on a novel by Heck Allen (as Clay Fisher).


Ben Allison (Clark Gable) and his brother Clint (Cameron Mitchell) journey to Montana in search of gold. They come upon wealthy businessman Nathan Stark (Robert Ryan) who they rob and kidnap before he talks them into becoming partners with him on a cattle drive to Montana. As they travel to Texas to buy the cattle, they come upon a party of settlers who share their fire and agree to slaughter a mule for food; as they leave the next day they realize the Indians (Sioux) are likely to attack the settlers and Ben heads back to see the last of the settlers being attacked by a war party and shoots several of them. He saves Nella Turner (Jane Russell) who eventually joins them on the cattle drive. Ben and Nella have a fling while stuck in a cabin during a snow storm, but Nella rejects him as he "dreams too small" wanting to settle down to a ranch in his hometown whereas she sees that lifestyle as the road to unhappiness given her parents' experience. Arriving in San Antonio, Nella takes up with Stark, whose desire to make as much money as possible coincides with Nella's own ambitions. But when, at Stark's insistence, she accompanies him on the final trek to Montana, the friction between Ben and Stark erupts as the drive heads into dangerous Indian country.



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