The Telephone Girl and the Lady

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The Telephone Girl and the Lady
Directed by D. W. Griffith
Written by Edward Acker
Anita Loos
Starring Mae Marsh
Claire McDowell
Alfred Paget
Cinematography G. W. Bitzer
Distributed by Biograph Company
Release dates
  • January 6, 1913 (1913-01-06)
Running time
17 minutes (16 frame/s)
Country United States
Language Silent

The Telephone Girl and the Lady is a 1913 American silent drama film directed by D. W. Griffith.


The film was prepared by Griffith and shot by his assistant, Tony O'Sullivan.[1]

Film historian William K. Everson noted that the film made use of a moving camera in "some extremely good running inserts" and a "well-done fight between Paget and villain Harry Carey at the climax", but offered that the film did not have a good flow due to its awkward cuts and overuse of devices intended to prolong suspense.[1]


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