The Temporal Void

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The Temporal Void
Cover artist Jim Burns, hardcover edition
Author Peter F. Hamilton
Cover artist Jim Burns
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The Void Trilogy
Genre Science fiction novel
Publisher PanMacmillan
Publication date
3 October 2008
Media type Print, E-book
Pages 746 (Hardcover)
ISBN 1-4050-8884-2
OCLC 233788407
Preceded by The Dreaming Void
Followed by The Evolutionary Void

The Temporal Void is a science fiction novel by British writer Peter F. Hamilton, the second in his The Void Trilogy, which was released on 3 October 2008.[1] The events in the book follow on from those in The Dreaming Void. It is followed by The Evolutionary Void.


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