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The Tender
The tender.jpg
Web address
Slogan Your daily cut of the loin
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Local news
Available in English
Launched May 31, 2009
Alexa rank positive decrease 3,706,606 (April 2014)[1]
Current status Online

The Tender was a local neighborhood news blog focusing on San Francisco's Tenderloin District.


Started in May 2009 and originally called, "The Tenderblog", The Tender was one of the main news sources for the neighborhoods of the Tenderloin, Civic Center, Mid-Market, Tendernob, and Little Saigon. With approximately 40,000 monthly readers,[2] their articles focused on covering current events, restaurants, arts, and general social issues for the area. It was one of the main neighborhood blogs for San Francisco. Additionally, it had earned the adoration of locals in San Francisco.[3][4][5]

As of November 2011, the website announced that while archives would still be available, the site had stopped publishing new articles. The original authors encouraged others in the neighborhood to start up similar sites, but to date, none have emerged.


Well known for its in depth local coverage of the Tenderloin neighborhood, larger publications often used The Tender as a source for local news articles as shown with their coverage in June 2011 of a local, long-established diner leaving the neighborhood[6] which was picked up by the San Francisco Chronicle.[7] SFist,[8] Eater SF,[9] and Grubstreet SF.[10] Another example was in October 2010 when a four alarm fire destroyed an entire apartment building[11] and was picked up by SF Weekly,[12] SF Appeal,[13] and SFist.[14]


The Tender was nominated for both Best San Francisco Neighborhood Blog and Best Flickr Pool in the SF Weekly - Web Awards 2011.[15]


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