The Texan (TV series)

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The Texan
Texan Intertitle.jpg
Genre Western
Written by Curtis Kenyon
Harry Kronman
Edmund Morris
Directed by George Archainbaud
Felix E. Feist
Robert Gordon
Erle C. Kenton
Hollingsworth Morse
Starring Rory Calhoun
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 78 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Desi Arnaz
Rory Calhoun
Victor M. Orsatti
Producer(s) Jerry Stagg
Running time 30 mins.
Production company(s) Desilu
Distributor CBS Films
Paramount Television
CBS Paramount Television
CBS Television Distribution (current as of 2007)
Original channel CBS
Original run September 29, 1958 – September 19, 1960

The Texan was a Western television series starring popular B movie actor Rory Calhoun, which aired on the CBS television network from 1958 to 1960.

Production notes[edit]

Calhoun as Bill Longley, 1961

In The Texan, Calhoun played Bill Longley, a Confederate captain from the American Civil War, who roams the American West to help people in need. Often the plot would center around Longley helping an old friend or a relative of an old friend. He was known by reputation as a fearsome gunfighter.

The fictitious Bill Longley of The Texan was in no way the real Bill Longley, an outlaw hanged in 1878 in Giddings in Lee County, Texas.

Calhoun formed Rorvic Productions with Victor Orsatti to co-produce The Texan in partnership with Desilu Productions, the production company founded by Lucille Ball and her first husband, Desi Arnaz, Sr.

The Texan ran for only two seasons. In the second half of the second season, it was preceded on the CBS schedule by Kate Smith's return to network television, her unsuccessful The Kate Smith Show. The first season, sponsored by Viceroy, was the better because in the second season, the network reused some of the material and footage from the first season. After the 78-episode run, Calhoun returned to starring and co-starring in "B" Westerns, and making occasional television appearances. Louis L'Amour wrote teleplays for several episodes.

In the 1960-1961 television season, rebroadcasts of The Texan ran on ABC daytime opposite CBS's As the World Turns and NBC's Make Room for Daddy.

Guest stars[edit]

Actor Role Episode Year Notes
Claude Akins "Cattle Drive" 1959 Season premiere
"Border Incident" 1959 with Whitney Blake and Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr.
Chris Alcaide Townsman "Law of the Gun" 1958
Wade Clinton "The Peddler" 1959
Tubbs "Image of Guilt" 1959
Deputy Luke Smith "Presentation Gun" 1960
Lita Baron Dolores "Quarantine" 1960 Rory Calhoun's first wife
"Captive Crew" 1960
"Buried Treasure" 1960
Lita Moreno "The Governor's Lady" 1960
James Best Clay Kirby "Killer's Road" 1960
Neville Brand Kyle Richards "Texan in Town" 1958 with John Larch as Lance Corbett, in the series pilot and premiere; Corbett is accused of shooting to death a 14-year-old girl and enlists his friend Longley to find the real killer.
Paul Brinegar "The Ringer" 1959 with Ron Hayes, Vito Scotti and Grant Withers as Ed Martin
Lon Chaney, Jr. Wylie Ames "No Love Wasted" 1959
Andy Clyde Wild Jack Hastings "The Troubled Town" 1958
Andy Miles "Buried Treasure", et al. 1960
James Coburn Cal Gruder "Friend of the Family" 1960 with Roger Perry as Robin Randolph and John Dehner as Major Randolph
Mike Connors "The Edge of the Cliff" 1958
Russ Conway Bob Jason "Borrowed Time" 1960
Ellen Corby Katy Clayton "The Lord Will Provide" 1958 with Ross Elliott as the Reverend Kilgore
Walter Coy Doc Nelson "Town Divided" 1960 with Morgan Woodward as Mark Jordan
Dennis Cross "Law of the Gun" 1958
Michael Dante Stan Chambers "Stampede" 1959 made three appearances, with Shirley Knight as Lily Akins, and with Roy Barcroft
Mason Alan Dinehart Chet Dawson "The Duchess of Denver" 1959 with Dolores Donlon, Eddy Waller, and Gerald Mohr
Brazos Kid "The Taming of Rio Nada" 1960 with Barbara Stuart as Poker Alice and Richard Devon as Tim Craven
Brazos Kid "Sixgun Street" 1960 with Bob Steele as Luke Short and Barbara Stuart and Richard Devon, again as Poker Alice and Tim Craven
James Drury Johnny Kaler "The Troubled Town" 1958 with Pat Conway as Johnny's brother, Mike Kaler
Jack Elam Luke Watson "South of the Border" 1959 John Doucette as Sheriff Ben Carter
Frank Ferguson Dobie "A Race for Life" 1959 with Douglas Fowley as Mar Anderson
Paul Fix Bert Gorman "A Tree for Planting" 1958 with Lurene Tuttle as Amy Bofert, and Martin Garralaga as Ramirez; Longley comes to the aid of a distressed Mexican farmer whose peach orchards are overrun by cattle ranchers.
Tod Griffin "Trouble on the Trail" 1959
"Badman" 1960
Reed Hadley Sheriff Ben Tildy "The Sheriff of Boot Hill" 1959 with Denver Pyle as Joe Lufton
Ron Hagerthy "Johnny Tuvo" 1960 formerly of Sky King, cast in the title role
Alan Hale, Jr. Jake Bricker "The Widow of Paradise" 1958 several episodes; Hale also had a recurring role as Sculley.
Stacy Harris Max Bowen "The Hemp Tree" 1958
Abel Crowder "Rough Track to Payday" 1959
Ron Hayes Rich Taber "The Ringer" 1959
Walt Dawson "Thirty Hours to Kill" 1960
Ty Embry "Showdown" 1960
Richard Jaeckel Clint Gleason "The Man Behind the Star" 1959
Wright King Mac Kernin "Desert Passage" 1958
Duncan Lamont David MacMorris recurring role
Bethel Leslie Julie Bofert "Reunion" 1959 with Christopher Dark as Trevor Jackson and Robert F. Simon as Will Crandall
Douglas Kennedy Jason Quarles "Border Incident" 1959
Sheriff "Quarantine" 1960
Michael Landon Nick Ahearn "The Hemp Tree" 1958 Longley is robbed at a bank after a cattle drive.
George Macready Big Jim Sammett "A Time of the Year" 1958 with Suzanne Lloyd as the daughter-in-law, Maria, whom he recently meets.
Stephen McNally Clay Thompson "Badlands" 1959 with Myron Healey as the sheriff
Patrick McVey Marshal Dodson "Outpost" 1959
Strother Martin Polk "No Place to Stop" 1959 with Denver Pyle as Houston
Carole Mathews Bess Corbin "No Tears for the Dead" 1958 with Beverly Washburn as Henrietta Tovers, Michael Pate as George Brandon, and Ray Teal as Sheriff Dave Travers
Joyce Meadows Phyllis Herrick "South of the Border" 1959
Helen Castle "Ruthless Woman" 1960
Kristine Miller Mattie "The Accuser" 1959 formerly of Stories of the Century
Ruth Fenton "The Gunfighter" 1960
Mort Mills Ben or Blackie Dawson "Thirty Hours to Kill" 1960
Burt Mustin "Twenty-four Hours to Live" 1960
J. Carrol Naish Walt Pierce "The First Notch" 1958 with Ron Hagerthy as Neil Pierce and Peggie Castle as Charlotte Rivera
Gregg Palmer "The Troubled Town" 1958
Michael Pate George Brandon "No Tears for the Dead" 1958
James Philbrook Yancey Lewis "Return to Friendly" 1959
John M. Pickard Ben Kirby "The Gunfighter" 1959
Jess Walton "Borrowed Time" 1960
Dorothy Provine Chalmers "Blood Money" 1959 with Ralph Meeker as Sam Kerrigan
Stuart Randall Sheriff Ike Masters "The Hemp Tree" 1958
Sheriff Rangel "The Letter of the Law" 1959
Lee Tatlock "No Way Out" 1959
Mike Ragan Barlow "Traildust" 1959
Lafe Orley "A Quart of Law" 1959
Gilman Rankin Marshal Roy Adams "Badman" 1960
Addison Richards Mayor Thurston "Traildust" 1959
Ann Robinson Anne Carter "Borrowed Time" 1960
Cesar Romero Joaquin "Caballero" 1959 with Whit Bissell as Shep Crawford
Bing Russell Larry Boland "The Dishonest Posse" 1959 with Peter Whitney as Nate Jeeter
William Schallert Arnold Leno "The Troubled Town" 1958
Karen Sharpe Jessie Martin "Private Account" 1959 She played the much younger sister of a sheriff, Weeb Martin (Jesse White), who falsely believes that her boyfriend, Johnny Hinshaw (Joe Di Reda), shot a man after a quarrel. Hinshaw, meanwhile, rescues Bill Longley, who is trapped in a rock slide. Maudie Prickett appears in this episode as Maud Avery, the town busybody.[1]
Robert F. Simon Vance "The Guilty and the Innocent" 1960
Fay Spain Ann Dowd "The Easterner" 1958 with Jack Elam as Tug Swann
Barbara Stuart Poker Alice "The Taming of Rio Nada" 1960 with James Griffith and Richard Devon
"Sixgun Street" 1960
"The Terrified Town" 1960 Bob Steele portrayed the frontier gunfighter, Luke Short.
Karl Swenson Sam Maitland "Cowards Don't Die" 1959 plays a former marshal-turned-storekeeper
Vaughn Taylor Sheriff Loomis "Jail for the Innocents" 1958
Beverly Washburn Henrietta Tovers "No Tears for the Dead" 1958 with Ray Teal
Greta Banden "Badman" 1960
Robert J. Wilke "The Marshal of Yellow Jacket" 1959 in the title role, with former professional baseball player John Beradino as Duke Ellis
Chill Wills "The Eyes of Captain Wylie" 1960 prior to Frontier Circus, in the title role, with Lane Bradford as Spike Taylor[2]

DVD release[edit]

On November 18, 2008, Timeless Media Group released a 10-disc best-of set entitled The Texan, which features 70 of the original 78 episodes.[3] These are the only episodes that Timeless Media was able to obtain in their original form, as the remaining 8 are missing.


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