The Thief of Venice

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Il Ladro di Venezia
Directed by John Brahm
Produced by Robert Haggiag
Dario Sabatello
Written by John Brahm
Salvatore Cabasino
Jesse Lasky Jr.
Based on story by Michael Pertwee
Starring Maria Montez
Paul Christian
Massimo Serato
Faye Marlow
Aldo Silvani
Music by Alessandro Cicognini
Cinematography Anchise Brizzi
Edited by Renzo Lucidi
Terry Morse
Sparta Films
Distributed by 20th Century-Fox (US)
Release dates
1950 (Italy)
November 1952 (US)
Running time
91 min
Country Italy
Language Italian
Budget $3 million[1]
Box office 1,745,680 admissions (France)[2]

The Thief of Venice or Il Ladro di Venezia is a 1950 Italian film directed by John Brahm. The US title was "The Thief of Venice".

It was released in the US two years after being made.[3]


In Venice during the Middle Ages, a beautiful tavernkeeper finds herself caught up in intrigue and a war between Italy and Turkey. Naval officer Christian turns into a thief to oppose craft Serato.



The movie was an Italian-American co production.[4] Originally Edmond O'Brien and his wife Olga San Juan were mentioned as possibly starring in the movie which was being produced by Monte Schaff and Lou Appleton.[5] Douglas Fairbanks Jnr was also mentioned as a possible lead.[6] Eventually it was announced Nathan Wachsberger would produce (in Europe) from a script by Jesse Lasky Jrn, and that former Universal contract stars Maria Montez and Paul Christian would star.[7]

John Brahm signed to direct and Faye Marlowe and George Sanders were to play support roles, with filming to start in Italy on 1 November 1949.[8] Sanders eventually pulled out.[9]

The movie was shot on location in Italy with studio work done at Scalera Studios.[10]


The Christian Science Monitor said that "a series of coups, captures and escapes take place with a great deal of running about but very little inventiveness."[11]

The Washington Post called it "a rip snorting Western" style film.[1]


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