The Time Capsule

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The Time Capsule
The Time Capsule (The Sarah Jane Adventures).jpg
Release number 3
Featuring Sarah Jane Smith
Luke Smith
Clyde Langer
Rani Chandra
Writer Peter Anghelides
Publisher BBC Audio
Read by Elisabeth Sladen
ISBN 1-4084-0060-X
Format(s) CD and Digital Download
Length 66 minutes
Release date 13 November 2008
Preceded by The Thirteenth Stone
Followed by The Ghost House

The Time Capsule is the third audio story in a series of ten audiobooks, written by Peter Anghelides and is a spin-off from the British science fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures, itself a spin-off from Doctor Who.[1][2]


Sarah Jane visits a supermarket called "Betterworth's" and she bumps into Clyde who is doing work experience, while Luke is on his work experience in the Natural History Museum and Rani placement is at her school working with her dad. Soon Sarah Jane notices something strange about her neighbor Mr. Plowman who end up controlling Clyde, Luke and Rani.


Sarah Jane mentions to mummies which she had encountered traveling with the Fourth Doctor in Pyramids of Mars.


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