The Time Crocodile

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Doctor Who book
Book cover
The Time Crocodile
Series Decide Your Destiny
Release number 3
Featuring Tenth Doctor
Writer Colin Brake
Publisher BBC Books
ISBN ISBN 978-1-4059-0350-9
Number of pages 128
Release date 5 July 2007

"The Time Crocodile" is a BBC Books adventure book written by Colin Brake and is based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Tenth Doctor and Martha.

This is part of the Decide Your Destiny series which makes you choose what happens in the books.


The space zoo isn't like any zoo you've ever visited on Earth. For a start, some of the animals can talk! Explore the zoo and work out who can be trusted and who has a hidden agenda...


The book has received some negative reviews,[1] but was still successful enough to allow the range to continue.