The Times Will Suit Them

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The Times Will Suit Them
Author Geoff Boucher and Matthew Sharpe
Publisher Allen & Unwin
Publication date
October 2008
Media type Paperback
Pages 272
ISBN ISBN 9781741756241
OCLC 271833266
320.994 22
LC Class JC573.2.A8 B68 2008

The Times Will Suit Them: Postmodern conservatism in Australia is a 2008 book by academics Geoff Boucher and Matthew Sharpe. The book argues that for more than a decade Prime Minister John Howard took advantage of international crises and local anxieties to stay in government and significantly reshape Australian public life. The authors outline a theory that despite its conservative background the Howard Government was post-modernist, skeptical of organised politics and committed to policies based on a relative assessment of Australian cultural values rather than more universal international ideals.[1] These characteristics, casting the Government in a "radical conservative" mould, are presented as an explanation for the Government's electoral success.[2]

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